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Less of a work in progress, and more of a just been published – A Strict Gentleman has arrived! Celebrating the launch of my time-travelling Victorian romance, which is already in the top 100 for Time Travel Romance on Amazon, I’ve an excerpt to share.

Kelly, who is pretending to be a maid, has returned through the mirror to 1880s. She thinks Henry doesn’t know about the secret mirror….


The centre of the mirror liquefied around her. It had been a month since she’d felt its icy tentacles drag her into its midst, then spit her out again. She nearly tripped over the frame as she emerged on the other side.

The library spun for a few seconds around her as she fought off the dizziness and nausea. Gradually, the blurred library took shape and she staggered into the middle of the room.

Henry sat in the armchair by the fireplace with his legs splayed and fingers clutching the armrests. He wore only a half-buttoned shirt, tweed breeches, and boots; his necktie was loose and dangling. There were shadows under his eyes and his beard was fuller and lacked the smart trim of the clippers.

Her arrival through the mirror hadn’t produced an exclamation of surprise or a single feature of shock on his face. It was apparent he was sat there waiting for her to appear.

Kelly clutched her hand to her chest and swayed, now she felt faint not from the effects of the mirror, but due to the sight of Henry, calmly seated and staring at her with bright eyes.

“Henry,” she stuttered. “I’ve come back.” She couldn’t think what else to say.

He rose to his feet and strode across the space between them, covering it so quickly she’d barely time to consider whether she should run from the room or hurry toward him. Within reach of her, he gripped her arms and drew her tight to his chest, lowered his mouth to hers and pressed a kiss on her lips.

The tension in her body skyrocketed as he moulded their mouths together, forcing her, with the passion of his welcome, to respond in kind. The embrace crushed her, she could hardly breathe through the lengthy kiss. Her hands were trapped between their bound bodies and she clutched at the loose shirt opening, clinging onto him as he displayed an untamed hunger for her.

What had happened in her absence? He knew something about the mirror, but what exactly and how had he discovered its purpose?


Twenty-three-year-old Kelly Regan didn’t expect much excitement when she took a job as a curator at a historic estate, but upon encountering a beautiful, mysteriously powerful mirror she suddenly finds herself transported back to the Victorian era.

Kelly is intrigued by the estate’s owner, the handsome bachelor Sir Henry Yarlswood, and in order to learn more about life in his household she impersonates another woman and obtains a position as his maid. But Henry is not a man who tolerates dishonestly from his staff, and after her deception is discovered Kelly’s bottom is bared for a painful, embarrassing spanking.

The stern punishment only increases Kelly’s desire to know more about her handsome employer, but after she is caught snooping through his personal effects she is promptly stripped naked for an even more shameful chastisement. Despite her sore bottom, however, she is deeply aroused by Henry’s firm-handed dominance, and when he claims her properly his masterful lovemaking leaves her spent and satisfied. But will their blossoming romance be enough to keep her by his side, even if it means leaving her old life behind forever?

Publisher’s Note: A Strict Gentleman includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.



Read an excerpt – The Strop

My first book by Jaye Peaches and I really enjoyed it. I love a good time travel novel.
Kelly was a curator and already working in the house so things weren’t to strange for her. Henry was a wonderful strict gentleman with an open mind. They had great interaction together and I loved how they experimented together. Those scenes were very sexy.. Kelly’s doubts about what to do, were very real.

3 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror… #wipitup”

  1. Hi Jaye, congratulations again on the new release and on the top 100. Looking forward to reading this.

    Interesting excerpt, so she can come and go between the two time periods? Love the premise 🙂


  2. I wonder what Henry found out about the mirror. Clearly something. Congrats on the new release, Jaye!

  3. I liked his different uses of dominance especially his use of strict tone. He also had a way of mental dominance that I think is hard to portray (get across to the reader) when writing. His dominance got stricter after the marriage which was a pleasant surprise.
    I liked that it wasn’t until well into the story that Kelly found out he knew about the magic mirror.

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