Caught spying! – #satspanks

Welcome to Saturday Spankings!

This week, I’m posting a few lines from my latest short story offering – Hot Moons Beach!  If you’ve not had a chance to read this free story, then take a look at the snippet and follow the link…


“You’re spying on us, aren’t you?” Guy has sparkling eyes and a frown. The two things don’t quite go together.

I nod. Why lie now? I’ve been caught. “I just wanted to see for myself.” I drop my chin and try to appear remorseful.

“If girls disobey here, they get spanked. Do you understand?” Guy tips up my chin. He’s not so frowny now.

“I guess I’m in trouble?” I ask. I chew on my lip and squish my legs together.

Guy marches me to a sunbed, sits on it and drags me over his lap. Down come my pants and panties and a blast of sea breeze shoots across my raised ass. I’m about to be spanked by the litter collector.

4 thoughts on “Caught spying! – #satspanks”

  1. PK is right. Eavesdropping and spying are definitely no-nos, and it sounds like anyone on the beach can be a dominant, if it’s in their nature. Also, she doesn’t appear the least bit dismayed by her predicament. Love the snippet, Jaye.

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