Prepared for punishment – #wipitup

I’m anticipating that make next release, Chosen by the Judge, will be released this weekend!  If you are a regular wipster, you’ll know that this is to be my new Sci-Fi spanking romance featuring Zara, a criminal human brought before an alien judge, Galen. The sentence is a public whipping. Zara is mortified and she is about to be prepared for her punishment.


“Clothes off, Zara Webb,” barked the guard. “The doctor can examine you as he sees appropriate. I expect he’ll give your ass a good oiling to, then when I give you your first spanking—”

“You?” she stuttered, “spank me?”

“A tempering procedure,” the official explained. “To prepare you for the whipping. Each spanking will desensitize you and teach you not to tense. We don’t want any permanent harm.”

“Each spanking…” she stepped back, away from the guard.

“With my hand,” the guard flexed his wrist.

She turned to the medic. “Please, sir, you can’t let them do this.”

“It is the authorised procedure. It’s for your benefit. After a few spankings, you’ll develop a continuous sense of warmth. It’s not that unpleasant. If you clench too much, we can insert a plug in your anus to teach you to keep your buttocks apart.” The medic tapped the bench, his impatience growing.

The blood drained from her face. Now she felt like vomiting. The tears she’d chased away were rapidly reforming. This was just the beginning. She still had the public whipping to endure.

Her back hit the wall. She’d nowhere to go.

The door swung open and a perspiring guard barged into the room. “Good, I’ve caught you in time,” he panted. “You’re to stop. The judge wants her back for re-sentencing.”

Zara legs turned to jelly and she nearly collapsed against the wall. Things were about to get worse.


Zara needs to be rescued! You can find out what happens to her soon, I promise!

2 thoughts on “Prepared for punishment – #wipitup”

  1. I’m both super excited and nervous for Zara. What happens if the punishment is worse for her, but what if it’s better? I can’t wait for your book to come out, Jaye!! Great snippet!

  2. Hi Jaye, ooh yes, just what is in store for Zara? Congratulations on the upcoming release, looking forward to this!


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