Out of the Darkness – Juliette Banks

Out of the Darkness

By Juliette Banks


“I can’t keep traipsing three miles every time I want to spank that delectable little behind of yours.”

As a beautiful and famous model, she has the life many young girls dream of.

Yet the missing father; the predatory stepfather; the abusive lover; they all let her down, and damaged her judgement about the men she meets.

She thought she had met the man of her dreams, yet fate was cruel.

Until one day, at an airport, she meets the strong, yet kind, dominant man she had longed to meet.

Is he the man she has sought her whole life? Will he show her the way out of the darkness and into the loving, submissive relationship she has always craved?

“Oh I work hard, but I play hard, too. Do you play hard, Marianne?”


NOTE: This book was previously published, under the same title but with a different cover, under the author name of Rachel de Vine. The book has sweet romance, but also contains explicit sex and some BDSM practices. If this material offends you, please do not purchase.


“Do you like strawberries and cream Marianne? I’ve just tasted one and they are sweet and juicy.”

“Yes, Sir.”
”Good. Open your mouth for me.”
He pressed a large strawberry, dipped in cream gently against my lips and I opened them to take a bite. When I had finished it I licked my lips.
”You have a little cream left on your lip. Let me lick it off.”
His tongue swirled around my lips and removed whatever was there.
”Now it’s my turn to eat one, and I plan to eat mine from a very special dish.”
I felt a strawberry placed on my stomach, in the dip of my belly button.
”I’d like some cream on mine too.”
A small amount of cream was poured on top of the strawberry, and then William bent over and ate the fruit from me, licking around the skin to lap up the cream. I gave a soft moan, wondering if it was possible to orgasm from the simple effect of strawberry eating.

He fed me another strawberry, and this time he ate the next two from my breasts, making sure to lick the cream off thoroughly.

“There’s one more place from where I would like to finish dessert.”

I guessed the place he had in mind. Sure enough his fingers went down between my legs and a large strawberry was pressed between the lips of my labia.

“You seem to be producing your own juice down here. I don’t think this strawberry needs any cream. Would you like to taste yourself Marianne?”

The question didn’t require an answer it seemed, as William plucked the strawberry from its hiding place and placed in my open mouth. I could taste and smell my own excitement on the surface of the fruit.

“I think that the juice down here needs licking away, don’t you?”

William went down between my legs and began to lick my pussy. I was on the edge of exploding with pleasure and he must have sensed it.

“I want you to come, Marianne. I want to watch you come.”

He lifted his head, but his fingers remained to massage my clit, while he thrust other fingers inside me. I called out as the most intense feeling of pleasure that I have ever felt radiated out from somewhere deep within my groin and sent shivers and goose bumps to my extremities. I wanted it to go on forever.

William took off the silk scarf and saw my eyes were misted with tears, but they were tears of joy at the experience he’d just given me. He bent over and kissed me hard on my lips. I could see an expression of lust in his eyes. He hadn’t finished with me yet.

About me:

I write erotic romance as both Juliette Banks and Rachel de Vine, and love to write about sensual, romantic and erotic characters who lead interesting lives, and who often have to overcome challenges along the way. I prefer to write erotic romance, rather than straight erotica, because I am essentially a romantic person, but I also like to involve my characters in an exciting life of Dominance and submission at different levels.

I am British, love the rural life and live in a beautiful home in the middle of the rolling English countryside. I also like to travel around the world from time to time, and have visited some beautiful and exciting places on the way. I am forever grateful that I was born in a place and at a time to take advantage of the freedoms and pleasures that are still denied to many people of the world. We must never take such freedom for granted.

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