Preparing for a whipping – #satspanks

Welcome to Saturday Spankings – here’s a snippet from my bestselling Sci-Fi Romance – Chosen by the High Judge, which follows on from last week.

Galen is preparing Zara for her whipping, and it means exploring a darker side, one that she didn’t know existed in her mind.


“Do you understand why I punish you like this?” He slid his finger lower and into her hole. Fuck, she was wet, she knew it without any visual clues.

“I am a naughty girl, sir,” she whispered. “My lust for you is wicked.” It was and she couldn’t deny it. She shouldn’t crave a punishment, a whipping, but now she desired it. She imagined herself tied to the post, covered in stripes and dripping with sexual frustration. She’d conceived a dark fantasy—did it mirror his?

“This truly wicked human tempts her judge with this blatant display of wantonness. So I shall punish you and you shall beg for mercy.”

After twenty-year-old Zara Webb is arrested for delinquent behavior while living as an exchange student in an alien colony, she is placed into the custody of High Judge Galen Hosta. For the duration of her sentence, she will live in Galen’s home and under his authority, and the stern, handsome warrior will have the right not only to punish her in any way he sees fit, but also to take her to his bed and enjoy her beautiful body in any way he pleases.

Within moments of her sentence being pronounced, Zara finds herself over Galen’s lap for a painful, embarrassing bare-bottom spanking. But when she kneels at his feet, blushing crimson as she is made to thank him for her well-deserved punishment in the most humiliating way possible, she cannot hide her helpless arousal.

Over the coming days, Zara discovers that Galen’s mastery of her body will be far more thorough than she would have thought possible, yet even as she is brought to one intense, shameful climax after another, her need for him only grows stronger. But when her sentence is complete and she is no longer his prisoner, will she choose to stay by his side as his mate?

Publisher’s Note: Chosen by the High Judge is a stand-alone book set in the same world as Chosen by the Governor. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Excerpt : Spanking his little Human


“Heroine is smart, strong, caring and capable, along with naughty, sassy and disobedient.”

“I absolutely loved this book. Stayed up until the early hours to finish it!”

“Perfect amount of action, suspense and a unique storyline.”

“I loved how Galen was stern with Zara and then slowly softened up while remaining dominant.”

“I loved that the story is set on Earth, in the future, with the coexistence of two species. The story is creative, inventive, and incredibly HOT!”


CHOSEN BY THE GOVERNOR – Under Alien Law Book One


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  1. Awesome snippet Jaye, seems Zara is discovering desires she didn’t know she had 🙂


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