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Welcome to Saturday Spanks. I have a new release coming soon but in the meantime, here is a snippet from To Know You, a fictional account of two people who begin a journey together. It is a complete story. Both characters are sexy and know what they want. Neither are novices, neither expect love in their relationship. One takes control and the other yields. In the bedroom, there are the erotic scenes of BDSM, discipline and romance. The dynamic can be intoxicating—and dangerous. Gemma is in trouble due to rumors floating around the office.


Jason selected a chair and moved it away from the conference table. Sitting on it, he waved me over with his forefinger, while with the other hand he undid his tie and pulled it out from under his collar. With a flick of his wrist, he loosened the top button.

“Turn around,” he instructed, and he used his necktie to bind my wrists. Holding my arm by the elbow, he lowered me across his lap, then hooked his leg over and trapped my thighs. He pressed down on the small of my back with the flat of his hand.

“I’m going spank you, Gemma, hard. This is a punishment,” a soft yet stern tone, “Why am I punishing you?”


What happens when a kink loving woman has to come to terms with a traumatic episode in her life? Can the broken submissive learn to trust again?

When Gemma Marshall resigns from a good job to work as a lowly intern in the heart of the City of London, immediately, the elusive company boss, Jason Lucas, seduces her.

Following a whirlwind of weekend trysts at his country mansion, Jason’s need to dominate her re-awakens her terrifying nightmares and leads to revelations from both of them. What Jason seeks is an enduring relationship which means Gemma, if she wishes to win his heart and soul, has to return to the extraordinary life she’d left behind.

Can Gemma survive another relationship with an alluring master of the bedroom or will she finally turn her back on her natural desires?

Their passionate and highly erotic affair reaches crisis point when her ex-lover hunts her down, seeking retribution.

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Prologue – Don’t Worry

Excerpt – Meeting Jason

5* Crystal’s Many Reviewers

I love when I find an author that is new to me, enjoy their book so much that I immediately search for more of their work.  To Know You was certainly a very pleasant surprise for me.  I have read many books on BDSM so it takes a story with something special and unique at this point, to make me this happy.

Jaye Peaches found that “it” for me with Gemma and Jason.  Gemma ran from her last job after a horrid experience.  It shook her whole belief system, even down to her desire for kink.  Finding this job in Jason’s office was perfect.  She had the talent that impressed him, she was able to make a few acquaintances and then go home to her shabby apartment and be alone.  No one asked her about her past, no one demanded anything from her other production at work, but then Jason is about to change that.

After a run in at the copier, he hears that she wanted to go to a certain concert but didn’t get tickets.  When at a meeting, he is witness to her ability at work, he orders her to come to his office with her computer and show him the system she was using.  It is there she learns he is going to ask the questions she has been avoiding, but she also becomes aware that there is something about him that is bringing her desires back to life.  When he invited her into his home he was hoping he was right in seeing that she would fit perfectly with him in the bedroom, but he had to find out what was holding her back first.

Watching Jason and Gemma navigate their way to the lair, building a Dom/Sub relationship was absolutely riveting.  The author did a wonderful job at keeping the plot real to the reader, focusing on the relationship and emotions rather than depending only on the sexual acts to carry the story.  I was left worrying if Gemma was going to be able to put the past behind her and learn to trust again, will she risk it all to recapture the lost part of her soul that she missed terribly.

Jason had his needs, life without dominating wasn’t something he could even dwell on not matter how many other qualities of Gemma he wanted to nurture, but if he pushed her too far, he would never gain the required trust from her to make this work.  I was so invested in caring that they made it through this jungle, I forgot to keep in mind that the past has a wicked way of coming up and destroying what they were trying to create.

I loved this story, I was amazed at the style of this author and I greatly appreciated the fact that the reader is not only invited into the story but allowed to get lost among the characters and absorb the emotions created.  I highly recommend this book and I will be looking for more work from this author soon.

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  1. Yeah, I’d like to hear her answer to his question, too. He’s clearly out to teach her a lesson, but unless she started the rumors I’m not sure why she’s at blame. Intriguing snippet, Jaye.

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