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Hello to Wipsters!

It’s time to update on progress. Edits will be starting soon on The Gladiators’ Girl. The timescales aren’t firm yet for publishing, so I’m sharing a little more in the meantime.

Bethan, a Celtic Briton and slave, has been spanked by a gladiator, Felix. He, along with his friend Rufus, are guests of Roman commander Atticus. Rufus has an idea to help his friend.


Felix released his grip and she slid onto her knees by his side. She panted, not daring to speak. Owned by a gladiator? Would it be possible? She peeped out from under the locks of her hair. Rufus and Felix were staring at each other, possibly communicating in some secret manner, because they ignored Atticus’s laughter.

“Buy her? You couldn’t afford her.” The commander returned to his seat, still chuckling, but satisfied at least that the punishment was complete.

“I want her,” Rufus said quietly, not taking his eyes of his companion.

She snatched a sharp intake of breath and quickly lowered her eyes as Rufus looked down at her. He wanted her!

Felix reached out and ran his fingers through her hair before tipping her chin up. “She might have some uses for us. I need a kitchen girl, amongst other things.”

A cryptic comment, but she could make a guess that it had something to do with hot blooded lust. What other reason did they need? The base need for fucking was strong in men. Since she’d not grieved for her late husband—a spineless old man with no wit—she longed to feel true passion. A gladiator fought for his life. He must be the embodiment of that life force if he survived so many fights unscathed. If he spilled his seed inside her, she would be brought back to life and perhaps even blessed with children. It had to be worth the risk.

The pain in her bottom was swept to one side at the idea of leaving Atticus and finding a new home with not one, but two gladiators.

“Then,” said Rufus slowly, “it’s decided. We shall take her with us.”


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  1. Aww! I hope that Felix and Rufus are good to Bethan, Jaye. They sound like they really like her! I just hope that Atticus doesn’t get in their way!

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