Would you like me to say it again? #satspanks

Welcome to Saturday Spankings!

This week’s little snippet is from Captivated, a contemporary paranormal tale about an ordinary woman swapped into the body of a wealthy socialite whose husband is a Dom. Anna has agreed to take time to get to know David. This weeks snippet follows immediately after last weeks.



The music danced around the sports car and drowned out the noise of the street.

“Would you order Henrietta to do this?” she asked.

“No. I’m not ordering anyone. I’m asking you to do something that you need to do. Let out those frustrations.”

How the hell did he know what she wanted? Only yesterday, he thought she was somebody else. “You’re very sure of this need in me.”

“Would you like me to say it again?” The car pulled up at a junction and he turned to face her. His eyes were shining brightly and he gently drummed his fingers on the wheel.


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She wants a naughty girl spanking without the guilt.

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“Captivating is exactly what this book delivers. It’s spell binding and takes the reader on a journey along with the characters.”

Waking up in an unfamiliar bed in a room she doesn’t recognize is

disturbing enough, but Anna Hadley becomes truly alarmed when she looks into the mirror and sees the face of another woman staring back at her.

Her confusion intensifies when a man—who apparently believes s

he is his wife—suddenly knocks on the door and scolds her for spending so much time by herself in the bedroom. To top it all off, it quickly becomes clear that the man has some very specific, very old-fashioned ideas regarding the proper way a husband should deal with a disobedient bride.

In spite of everything, the threat of having her bottom bared for a sound spanking arouses Anna deeply, and even as she searches for clues that might explain what happened to her, she cannot help becoming more and more attracted to her supposed husband.

It isn’t long before she earns herself a punishment, and when he reddens her backside and then takes her hard and thoroughly she is left spent and satisfied. But knowing she could find herself back in her own body at any moment, can she dare to fall in love?

Publisher’s Note: Captivated includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

6 thoughts on “Would you like me to say it again? #satspanks”

  1. Even if he’s got her properly pegged, no woman likes to think she’s predictable. Seduction and mystery is the game. Besides, he’s the one who’s tapping fingers, not she. I’d be inclined to give him back a little sass to prove I’m not as malleable as he may think. I have a few hidden thorns he needs to be wary of. Not saying he wouldn’t be able to pluck them off me, but I’d make him work for it. Love the snippet, Jaye. Definitely makes me want to know more.

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