All Work and No Play by Gracie Malling

All Work and No Play

(a short story in the ‘Mischief under the Mistletoe’ anthology)

By Gracie Malling


It’s hard to focus at work when your boss also happens to be your Dom, and Mia is finding it increasingly difficult to balance her work life with her kink life. Christmas, however, is an excellent distraction, and Mia is determined that their first ever office Christmas party will be one to remember. And it will… just for all the wrong reasons!


“Er, Mia? What the hell are you doing?”

I pause halfway up the second floor staircase and press my eyes tight closed for a second. “Oh hi Will,” I say, making my voice as bright and unconcerned as possible. “I can’t really talk right now, so…”

“Have you carried that all the way up from the street?”

I sigh, lower the Christmas tree in its pot down onto the step at my feet and turn around. “I thought you were out of the office until 3pm?”

“Answer the question, Mia.”

Will has his arms folded and is leaning against a wall at the bottom of the stairs, casual as you like. His raised eyebrows, however, give the distinct impression that he is less than delighted by my efforts in the Christmas decorations department and that I will be answering for this at some unspecified time in the future.

“Well… yes, but this is the last staircase and then I’ll be back in the office and…”

“I thought I made it clear to you, young lady, that we were not going to be having a living Christmas tree in the office. I seem to remember telling you to buy an artificial one.”

I resist the urge to make a face at that ludicrous suggestion. “Well, yes, but as it’s here now…”

Will straightens up and makes his way up the stairs towards me. “So,” he says, once he’s near enough to speak softly, “You decided to wait until I was out of the way, wilfully disobey my instructions and then… what? Hope that I wouldn’t notice?”

The branches of the mini living Christmas tree are digging into my hip a little and I shift on the step to try and escape them. “No, I… I thought you would notice.”

Will pauses on the step two below mine and we are now eye-to-eye. He puts his hands in the pockets of his suit trousers and tilts his head to one side. “I see. So you thought it would be worth a punishment to have your own way, did you little girl?”

I shiver and clench my thighs together, remembering the threat of the belt. “I wasn’t bratting, Sir,” I blurt out at once. “None of the others know you forbade me.”

“Hmm.” He is still standing there two steps down, giving me that stern look of his, and seems utterly unimpressed.

“I… I just…” But it’s no use. I allow my head to drop to my chest. “I’m sorry, Sir. I shouldn’t have disobeyed you.”

“No you shouldn’t, young lady,” he agrees in a firm and disapproving voice. “Now I’m going to carry this tree the rest of the way – it’s frankly a miracle you managed to get it this far without breaking your neck – and you are going to go and stand in your corner in my office.”


Now Mia!”

I sigh. “Yes Sir.”

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Bio: Gracie Malling lives in the UK and has been writing BDSM erotica since she was 21. All round nice person on the outside and a bit of a bad girl in the right company, Gracie loves reading and writing stories about spanking: her favourite kink.

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  1. Hi Jaye and Gracie, this sounds like an awesome festive collection and I love the sound of this story. Enjoyed the excerpt 🙂


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