Do you want to add to your punishment? #satspanks

Welcome to Saturday Spankings!

This week’s little snippet is from my new release Sold To The Gladiators.

Felix isn’t a patient man, especially when it comes to punishing his disobedient slave. Thank goodness for Rufus, his friend and Bethan’s lover, who is always there for her.



She froze to the spot, her fingers so stiff and useless she couldn’t move them.

“Bethan,” Felix commanded. “Take off your clothes or else I shall strip them off myself. You’re already facing a long night of punishment, do you want to add to it?”

Frankly, no, she almost blurted. But, again she kept her lips pressed tight together. Rufus came to her aid by unlacing the back of her smock and sliding the fabric down her arms until it dropped off her hips, then onto the ground. She shivered. The coolness would be temporary; she expected her arse to be hot in a short space of time.


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Bethan has served multiple masters since she was captured by a rival clan and sold to the Romans, but nothing could have prepared her for Felix and Rufus. After purchasing Bethan, the two handsome, battle-hardened former gladiators quickly make it clear that she will be shared between them, taken hard and often by them both, and punished sternly for any disobedience.

Having been told by a seer that he must claim a woman from among his own people in order to appease the goddess of fertility, Felix is delighted to stumble upon a girl as beautiful as Bethan, and he is determined to use her as thoroughly as needed to bring blessing on his new estate. Rufus, on the other hand, was never much of a believer in fate, but the moment he sets eyes on Bethan he wants her in his arms… and in his bed. Will she surrender willingly to her new owners’ dominance or spend her days with a bright-red, well-spanked bottom?

Publisher’s Note: Sold to the Gladiators includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Excerpt: Spanked by the Gladiator

What reviewers are saying:

-An interesting and creative story set in ancient times with lots of sexy heat.

-Jaye Peaches takes us back to Britain when it was still Britannia and ruled by the Romans and lets us get familiar with some gladiators and their slave

This is a sexy tale with a HEA.




2 thoughts on “Do you want to add to your punishment? #satspanks”

  1. I think you may have told us in a previous snippet, but I’ve forgotten why Bethan’s fingers were so stiff. In any case, I’m not sure I care much for Felix’s unfeeling attitude toward her, but I suspect Rufus will make her life bearable if not pleasurable. Felix wants to use her, while Rufus wants to enjoy her. I definitely prefer Rufus at this point.

  2. Hi Jaye, oh goodness, a long night of punishment ahead! I’m with Kathryn, I too think I prefer Rufus at the moment.


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