Taming His Virgin Wife by Olivia Starke

Taming His Virgin Wife

by Olivia Starke

Can Lucas’ discipline and love heal the wounds of Melody’s past?

I never expected forever when I married Lucas all those years ago. It was a dare, encouraged by one too many vodka shots. It’s surprising neither of us annulled the marriage. But the truth is, I can’t be a wife, not to any man, not even to sweet, wonderful Lucas, thanks to the monsters of my past that still haunt me to this day.

By some miracle, when I was desperate to save my brother, Lucas reappeared in my life. Lucas, who’d helped me so many times in the six months I’d shared his home as a sixteen-year-old foster kid. I had little choice but to take his offer—move with him to his Wyoming ranch and be his wife, for real this time. Lucas doesn’t know the reason I need the money, and it’s a secret I can’t tell.

Running into Melody in an Iowa bar seemed like fate. And when I heard she’s in trouble, I have to help her, because I’ve always felt protective over Melody. In my heart, she’s always been mine.

Now, that she’s with me at Devil Creek Ranch, I find it impossible to ignore the feelings I’ve carried for her since I was a seventeen-year-old kid. I want a wife, a partner in life as well as in my bed, but I know Melody is hiding something from me. Something I fear may drive us apart in the end.

Publisher’s Note: This sweet romance contains elements of power exchange, adult language and sensual scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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And a hot, sensual excerpt…

When he reached for her, she sucked in a quick breath expecting to feel his fingertips on her heated flesh. Instead he gripped the waistband of her pajamas bottoms, dragging them down, first over her hips, then he dropped to his knees before her as he pushed them down her legs and to the floor. She stared at the top of his head, his dark hair glistened in the lamplight. The tickling brush of his fingertips grazed the sides of her calf muscles before he started a slow trail back up. Pausing midway, his fingers traced tiny circles on the sides of her knees while his hot, damp breath warmed her stomach.

It was the sweetest agony she had ever known. Her pussy tightened, aching to be touched. She dug her fingers into his hair and pleaded with him in moans. His lips brushed her stomach, his hands closed around her thighs, and just when she thought the torture couldn’t be more exquisite his mouth found her nipple. She gasped as he gently pinched the sensitive nub with his teeth, before he lapped at it with his tongue. She couldn’t take this. Her legs were ready to give out, and as her knees buckled, in one swift move he had her on the bed.

This time his kiss had none of the finesse from before. No longer a seduction, it was hungry, urgent, demanding. She raked her nails down his back, and he grunted, thrusting his hips against her. She was coming undone. This was nothing like she had imagined. She recalled explicit tales girlfriends had told her about sex. But it seemed none of them had experienced the madness that had overtaken her. She broke from Lucas’ kiss and nipped his neck and then his shoulder. He growled, and his hand slipped between them to roughly massage her breast. She arched, pressing into the touch.

She had wanted to make love to him. She imagined long, slow kisses, and tentative caresses. She had never imagined this dark, aggressive craving that overtook her. She didn’t want tender touches and gentle caresses. She wanted to know his strength and feel the power within those muscles. An animalistic urge to be dominated by him overtook her and she closed her teeth over the skin of his shoulder, biting down hard enough to leave a mark.

Author Bio: Olivia is an editor, book hoarder, cat wrangler, horse whisperer, and professional storyteller. She lives in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks and can often be found outside, enjoying the country life.


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  1. Hi Jaye and Olivia, this sounds like an interesting and hot read. Loved the steamy excerpt 🙂


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