A visit to his club – #wipitup

For fans of Gemma and Jason, the wait will soon be over. The third installment of Trust Me is getting closer. To Keep You picks up straight after the previous book, To Own You, and is going to delve deeper into Jason’s past life and the secrets he’s kept.

Here’s an unedited excerpt from the new book. Jason has taken his submissive wife to his exclusive BDSM club, the Nightshade. It’s the first time he’s visited in a while and he’s had an encounter with another woman. Gemma has witnessed the exchange and now he’s having to deal with the fallout in a private room.


Her shoulders slumped lower. Finally, she understood. They were moving in unending circles—trust and jealousy did not connect. They repelled each other. However, he consoled himself—her jealousy was borne out of love, not hate.

“What happens now?” she asked.

Jason pointed to the floor at his feet and Gemma eased off the stool and crawled to him. The act of submission was poignant. She was moving towards him not only physically, but mentally as she rediscovered the reason why he’d brought her to the club in the first place. He wanted to play, have fun. Fuck her. She settled on her knees and tentatively reached out with her hand to touch his leg. There, he thought, that is my gorgeous girl, coming back to me.

“I do understand you’re angry with me for not explaining the set-up here. To be frank, I wasn’t expecting the situation with Monique any more than you were. We should be having fun now. Yes?” He stroked back a rogue piece of hair. A tear trickled down her cheek. “You were disrespectfully to me so blatantly, in front of other members. I can’t ignore it and you know that, don’t you?” he reminded her of the offending behaviour.

“Yes,” she paused, “sir.”

“Um. Better,” he noted. “You wanted to be Monique didn’t you, having me smile and laugh with you?

“Yes,” she muttered.

“The choice is simple, Gemma. If you request we leave now, I’m not bringing you back. You need to understand the nature of this place and my role here.”

She slithered up his leg, the leather skirt cracking softly as she folded herself over his lap, bottom raised, head down. The message was clear.

Jason lifted the hem of the skirt and revealed her bottom. A damn fine arse it was, too.


If you want to find out more about Jason and Gemma, then take a look at the first two books – To Know You and To Own You.


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  1. I think Gemma fully understands now Jason’s place at the club. I’m excited for the third book. Great snippet, Jaye!

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