Six of the Best is live!

Welcome to the Saturday Spankings blog hop and with luck, Six of the Best: British Spankings is now live on Amazon.  Don’t miss out on this historical romp through the centuries from myself, Ashe Barker, Gracie Malling, Vanessa Brooks, Katie Douglas and Felicity Brandon.

To celebrate here’s a snippet from my tale – The Accused Wife.  Caroline’s marriage has proved to be disastrous and now she is accused of murdering her husband. Did she? Is she feeling any guilty about his death?  Alexander is determined to get to the bottom of the matter.


“She suggested you wilfully poisoned him?”

“Yes, but I didn’t.”

“Yet, you cannot shed that little burden of guilt, can you?” He watched the way her shoulders slumped into a remorseful pose.

“No, sir,” she whispered.

“How do they punish naughty young ladies in prison?” he asked softly.

“They are thrashed, sir,” she said.

“Look at me, Caroline,” he said sternly.

She lifted her chin and met his gaze. The tears were gone, and a sparkle illuminated up eyes. Could it be she wanted his firm hand? Had he guessed right that such a submissive creature, who tolerated Hampton’s pathetic attempts at fucking, would open herself up to him? Her secret desires shone through as much as her obvious beauty.


Six SCORCHING stories from USA Today and number 1 bestselling British authors! This is the 100% British historical anthology you’ve been waiting for. So, grab a cup of tea and make sure the smelling salts are to hand, then settle in as our heroines re-write the rules and earn SIX OF THE BEST for their outrageous antics. This dance across history sweeps from the Restoration to Victorian times and will leave you panting almost as much as our naughty ladies.

Publisher’s note: These stories are HOT. Hotter than an oven full of muffins in a well-known British cake show. Domestic discipline and other indoor sports feature heavily in them, so if that’s not your cup of tea, this is probably not the set for you. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!



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