Felicity Brandon with The King’s Vice from Six of the Best

Felicity Brandon brings us just one of the six British Spanking stories in the Six of the Best Anthology.

The King’s Vice by Felicity Brandon.

only found in Six of the Best Anthology

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Assume the position and prepare for Six of the Best!

Six SCORCHING stories from USA Today and number 1 bestselling British authors! This is the 100% British historical anthology you’ve been waiting for. So, grab a cup of tea and make sure the smelling salts are to hand, then settle in as our heroines re-write the rules and earn SIX OF THE BEST for their outrageous antics. This dance across history sweeps from the Restoration to Victorian times and will leave you panting almost as much as our naughty ladies.

Publisher’s note: These stories are HOT. Hotter than an oven full of muffins in a well-known British cake show. Domestic discipline and other indoor sports feature heavily in them, so if that’s not your cup of tea, this is probably not the set for you. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

He towers over me, and I peek up at him from around my arranged curls to meet that devilish grin again. “Lady Jane,” he purrs from above me, “you have perhaps heard stories about me from other ladies at court… about my desires?”

I hold my breath at his words. What can I say? “I have heard some tales, Your Majesty,” I whisper in a long rush of breath, “But I know no details.”

“Good,” he murmurs, his smile mesmerising. “Because there are many details which are private, and need to remain so, but there is something about you, My Lady.” He pauses, leaning in towards me. “Something about you which stirs a passion in me I cannot quell. I want not only to share supper with you, Lady Jane. I should like also to share a great many other things… private things.”

His tone is utterly captivating, and my mind scatters at the notion of sharing any intimacy greater than this moment. But, whilst I am a maiden, I am not a fool. I am aware of his intention, and of my own simmering need for the things he alludes to. I wonder how I can respond to a question like this – to the King of all people – but he saves me the humiliation and descends upon me. His lips meet mine, crashing against me with the kind of passion I have only dreamt about. His left arm closes in around my waist, encircling it and holding me in place as his lips master me. I open for him out of instinct, yielding to his tongue as it sweeps behind my lips. As he pulls away I am left reeling, unsure if I am even able to stand on my own. Fortunately, his hand stays in place, securing my body against him.

The King stares down at me, pressing me for an answer with his deep brown eyes. “Jane?” he says, leaning in to kiss me again. A short, firm kiss this time, which leads him right around my jaw to my neckline. The feeling of his facial hair against me and the warmth of his mouth is incredible.

“Your Majesty?” I gasp, unable to articulate much more.

“Tell me, are my instincts correct?” he asks me. “Can I trust you to share my deepest, darkest desires?”

I blink at him, barely able to catch my breath. “You can trust me, Your Majesty,” I assure him. “You can trust me in all things.”


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  1. This sounds like an awesome collaboration! Enjoyed the excerpt, thank you both 🙂


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