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The Romance Review

Well, I’ll start by saying that I’m a huge fan of both Ashe Barker and Jaye Peaches, so when I saw that the two of them got together to co-write THE DUKE AND THE THIEF, I couldn’t resist. I will admit to being caught a bit by surprise. I’d chosen the story based on the title and I had expectations that there would be more of a swash-buckling nature to the story (obviously without pirates). What we get instead is cleverer and heavier on the relationship-building.

Likes: Eloise is incredibly likeable, as well as a bit mischievous. Adam is a bit of a conundrum but part way through the story, his character seems to solidify (at least he did for me) and I grew to like him. The secondary/tertiary characters all work well to give you a firm feel for Victorian London but don’t expect it to be 100% accurate, this is fantasy after all.

Dislikes: I will readily admit that I could have gotten into a much longer story.

Of note: There are a great many domestic discipline scenes in the story, so if the likes of which bother you, then don’t read this story. However, if you enjoy the potential for a bit of tawdriness or possibly a punishment scene, then you will enjoy this story. I know I did.

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