Theirs to Share – New Sci-Fi Alien Romance

My latest Sci-Fi Spanking Romance features not one but the two alien warriors!  Kriss and Jago have been gifted a human female as a reward. On their homeworld, females are rare, especially real ones. What happens when a people forget how to love? Theirs to Share explores just such a world and the complicated relationship between two hot aliens and one female human who is on a mission to change a world.

Read an excerpt here – Hungry for her


The Hezara have kept Earth safe for generations, but their protection comes at a price, and when Shayla Tesser is gifted to a pair of battle-hardened warriors she knows what to expect. She will be trained to serve them, and her virgin body will be used and enjoyed in every way imaginable.

She will learn to be obedient, surrendering completely to even their most shameful demands, or she will be punished. But the pain of being spanked until she is sore and sobbing is nothing compared to the intense, desperate pleasure she will endure when the Hunger comes upon her mates and one savage, screaming climax after another is wrung from her sore, thoroughly spent body as she is taken roughly by them both, over and over again, until their lust is finally sated.

With each passing day Shayla finds herself delighting more and more in pleasing her masters, but she is no meek, helpless concubine. There are secrets being kept from the people of Earth, and she plans to uncover them, no matter the risk. But when she learns something that could upend Hezara society completely, will she end up losing everything she has grown to love?


Publisher’s Note: Theirs to Share includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.



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  1. Congratulations on the new release Jaye! Love the sound of this and enjoyed the hot excarpt!


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