Submitting to the Cowboy by BJ Wane

She wanted more than friendship from him. He refused to risk their special bond on a fling. Whose perseverance will win out?

Submitting to the Cowboy – OUT Now!





Tamara Barton had lusted after Connor Dunbar ever since she was old enough to know what those stirrings meant whenever he was near. Connor’s refusal to see her as anything but the young girl he’d befriended and protected for years soon drives them apart, but not before she catches an up-close, personal glimpse of him exerting the dominant control she’d heard rumors about.

Connor regretted the harsh words he’d spoken to Tamara when he caught her spying on him as much as his lustful response to the look of need reflected on her face. He’d been looking after the neighbor girl since the moment he saw her falling off her first horse at the age of ten and didn’t plan on stopping now that she was a grown woman who thought she wanted their relationship to go in a different direction. He knew his sexual proclivities were not for the young, sweet kid he was so fond of, and wouldn’t jeopardize their special bond by giving in to her desires.

But Tamara always had a way of getting what she wanted and when he saw she was serious about becoming a member of the private BDSM club he owned with his brother and best friend, Connor discovered he didn’t want her submitting to anyone but him. When he learns she’d kept things from him that could have impacted her welfare, would he allow his failure to protect her to drive another wedge between them or finally embrace a life with her at his side as more than just a cherished friend?

This is book three in the Cowboy Doms series but reads as a standalone.


Connor lifted his head from feasting on Tam’s saturated flesh. Her taste coated his tongue and lips and he could still feel her soft thighs pressed against his face, the tight grip of her climaxes soaking his invading fingers and stroking tongue. Coming to his feet, he ran his hands down her shaking legs, wondering how the hell this hadn’t gone as he’d planned, as he’d needed it to. He had intended to make her wait, to torment her by withholding her climaxes in the hopes the frustration would force her to admit his sexual proclivities weren’t for her. Instead, he’d found himself powerless to resist the need reflected on her face and in the supplicant gyrations and wetness of her body, her slick heat and soft cries too tempting to ignore.

His cock pressed with painful intensity against his zipper, leaving him desperate for relief. He’d drawn out her pleasure and withheld his too long. One touch would set him off, a touch he knew he could get from any number of willing subs. But looking down at Tam’s flushed face, her chest heaving as she struggled to steady her breathing and regain her senses, he knew there was no way he would do that to her. He may not like how her mere presence had pushed him into topping her tonight or her continued insistence on exploring what his club offered, but that was his problem. There was no choice but to ease his tormented state with her. God help him.

Lowering her legs, Connor flicked a knob on the side of the bench, raising her head halfway up. He couldn’t fuck her – thrusting inside her snug body would cross a line he knew neither of them would succeed in crossing back over to where they were, where he needed their relationship to be. That left him one other option.

Connor ran the pads of his fingers down her damp face as he carefully lowered his zipper, freeing his hard as steel erection. “Are you with me yet, little one?”

Tam blinked her eyes, trying to focus on his face, her lax body revealing the toll multiple orgasms had taken on her muscles. “Getting there,” she returned in a drowsy whisper, the small smile of contentment playing around her mouth causing a tightness in his chest.

He slid his fingers to her cushiony lips as he gripped his cock and stroked over the smooth, damp crown with his thumb. “Oh,” she breathed softly, her small tongue darting out to lick his fingers as the sated glaze cleared from her eyes.

A shiver racked his body, and he cursed the strong effect that sexy gesture produced. “Tell me,” Connor uttered, pulling his right leg out of his jeans and straddling the narrow bench at her shoulders, “are you as good at giving as you are at receiving?”

“I’m as good at trying, at least when it comes to this.” She leaned forward and swiped her tongue over his seeping slit. “Let me try, Master Con. Please.”

With a jerky nod, he let her lead as he worked to get himself under control. The Dom side of him preferred to take charge by holding her head, rendering her helpless as he used her mouth. But the long-time friend and protector side still ruled with Tam and held him back.

“Go ahead.” He brushed his cockhead over her lips, spreading the pearly dribbles as she licked every inch of the mushroom cap before dipping under the rim to tease that sensitive area. His muscles went taut as he fought to hold back the pleasure.



I live in the Midwest with my husband and our dog, a lovable Great Pyrenees/Standard Poodle. I love dogs, enjoy spending time with my daughter, babysitting dogs and kids, reading and working puzzles. We have traveled extensively throughout the states, Canada and just once overseas, but I now prefer being a homebody. I worked for a while writing articles for a local magazine but soon found my interest in writing for myself peaking. My first book was strictly spanking erotica, but I slowly evolved to writing erotic spanking romance with a touch of suspense. My favorite genre to read is suspense.


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  1. Love the sound of this and enjoyed the hot excerpt. Thank you Jaye and BJ 🙂


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