Flawed by Felicity Brandon

For some love stories, there is no happy ending.

Flawed by Felicity Brandon

A Dark Necessities Prequel – Book One


One powerful serial killer. One visceral connection.
One deadly secret that should have stayed buried.

Men like Ethan Reilly should never fall in love. Dark, enigmatic and dangerous, Ethan is the perfect predator until he meets Lily Simpson, a woman passionate enough to placate him and strong enough to surrender to him.

For a while Lily’s love is enough.

But the darkness inside Ethan is too powerful to contain, and soon it spills into their burgeoning love affair. As he wrestles with his demons, Ethan must come to terms with who he really is, but if he does, what happens to Lily? Can any love be strong enough to survive a past as terrible as Ethan’s? And what kind of future can they forge from the ashes of his awful admission?

Read Flawed, a Dark Necessities prequel, and discover the making of not one, but two monsters.

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Footrest? Is that what Ethan had just said? For God’s sake, this was getting out of hand!

“Now, Lily,” he growled, once more indicating where he wanted her to be with his index finger.

Her throat dried in an instant, her heart hammering out of control in her chest as she crawled into place. Ethan lifted his legs at her approach, and awkwardly she shuffled into the space they’d been. As his legs landed gently against her back, Lily’s head fell in shame. Licking up his orgasm had been one thing. Using clothespins at her breasts and tying her to a coat hook had been another, but this—this was just insanity—why was she even abiding this nonsense?

“Quiet,” he instructed from the sofa above. “I need some peace, and that means none of your relentless thoughts, please.”

She pulled in a shaky breath. Was he serious? How could she stop herself from thinking?

“You can’t,” he agreed. “But you can do as you’ve been told and spend a little time thinking about why you’re naked and acting as my personal footrest, Lily. Why do you deserve it, and perhaps, why is it going to make your hot little cunt even wetter than my ropes did?”

Lily gasped at that, more than aware of the tears that were threatening to converge in her eyes. Fuck, he was right. Even now, she could sense that thrumming between her legs, the throbbing of her impatient clitoris as it swelled under the anticipation of what would happen next. She was enjoying this, even though it was downright humiliating being used this way. Her nipples were hard knots and her breathing had increased as she contemplated her predicament.

Why was he always right?

“Lily.” The resonance of his voice washed over her. “Relax. This is your punishment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it, too, and you look fucking fabulous down there. You know that, right?”

She glanced right, but the last thing she wanted to do was meet Ethan’s gaze. She couldn’t bear to see his smug expression as he reveled in the power he had over her. It was too much.

“There, there,” he told her with a chuckle, and to her horror, she saw him reach for his glass of wine and take a long sip.

Lily swallowed again. Definitely too much. He was actually enjoying a relaxing drink while she was here naked at his feet.



“I’m sorry, sir.” The words spilled from her lips as he placed the glass back down again. “I was wrong the other day. I should have stayed and talked through how I was feeling.”

“Yes, you should have,” he agreed as he crossed one leg over the other. “Because this is what happens to petulant little girls who want to be immature.”

She gulped at his words, though shamefully Lily could already feel the pool of arousal gathering at her sex.

“What happens?” he demanded. “Since you’ve finally decided to talk, despite my request, then let’s hear it, beautiful. What will happen to you?”

“This,” she sobbed, and the tears came hard and fast now, although Lily resented each and every one of their hot tracks against her face.

“What?” His tone was harder now. “Tell me, what?”

“I’ll be used like this, sir,” she sniffed. “As a footrest—or whatever you want.”

She saw him stretch back in the chair from her peripheral vision.

“Correct, little flower,” he drawled. “You’ll be furniture, or a play thing, or whatever the fuck I want.”

Lily pulled in a lungful of air through her mouth. God, she hated him for this. She hated him for reducing her to this; for awakening whatever part of her relished the treatment, but she loved him for it, too. She loved him for feeding the animal in her, and the weight of that contradiction made her head ache.

“Let me finish my drink in peace,” he told in a softer tone. “And then, once I’m done, I’m going to fuck you again, beautiful, but there’ll be no lovemaking this time. Now that I’ve awakened the animal, I’m going to fuck her like one.”


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  1. Hi Jaye and Felicity. Wow, this sounds like an awesome read! Enjoyed the hot excerpt. Thank you both 🙂


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