Touch Me – Limited time offer. 99c on Pre-order!

It’s the week for treats and mine is my latest release – Touch Me. Due out on 8th November, Touch Me is currently on pre-order at 99c, so snatch a copy now. No tricks needed!

Touch Me was one of my earliest books and I’ve re-released it in a new scintillating edition with plenty of winter warming scenes. If you missed out on reading it last time, don’t this time.

Touch Me is set in London, in the fast pace of the city’s finance district, where romance and time are luxuries that analyst Tania can’t afford.  Then when she realises she misses the physical pleasures of love, she makes the decision to try something new and adventurous, and her journey takes her, and you, into a world of sensory exploration… and it’s hot!

The kink is there in the story, but unlike my other books, this playground is gentler and designed to awaken a reluctant heart. Tania doesn’t want to fallen in love, but what will happen if she does?


She gives him her body, but will she commit her heart?

Tania Havers has no time for dating or meaningful relationships. What’s the point of it all?

She’s ambitious and driven, like many in the world of finance. Work is everything to her, and she’s determined to be the best.

But life is also stressful and frustrating. And lonely.

What if she made a little time in her busy schedule for something different?

On the advice of a friend, a visit to a London backstreet brings Adam into Tania’s life. She discovers a new form of sensual oblivion and begins a covet affair with a man whose hands are divine gifts. Passionate sensuality lifts Tania to a new level of self-awareness.

The unexpected pairing takes them out of the massage parlour into a hotel room, then her apartment and finally his converted cellar. Adam wants to open up his heart to her and reveal his secret passion.

Is there room in Tania’s life, and her heart, for a man like Adam or will she sacrifice their relationship to save her precious career?

(Previously published as Touched. Contain explicit adult content.)

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