New Release – Touch Me and find sensual oblivion.

It’s out! My latest release is available.

AMAZON (Kindle Unlimited)

She gives him her body, but will she commit her heart?

Tania Havers has no time for dating or meaningful relationships. What’s the point of it all?

She’s ambitious and driven, like many in the world of finance. Work is everything to her, and she’s determined to be the best.

But life is also stressful and frustrating. And lonely.

What if she made a little time in her busy schedule for something different?

On the advice of a friend, a visit to a London backstreet brings Adam into Tania’s life. She discovers a new form of sensual oblivion and begins a covet affair with a man whose hands are divine gifts. Passionate sensuality lifts Tania to a new level of self-awareness.

The unexpected pairing takes them out of the massage parlour into a hotel room, then her apartment and finally his converted cellar. Adam wants to open up his heart to her and reveal his secret passion.

Is there room in Tania’s life, and her heart, for a man like Adam or will she sacrifice their relationship to save her precious career?

(Previously published as Touched. Contain explicit adult content.)




He shifted his other hand down and found her hip. Her work suit was silvery with thin white pinstripes running down the fabric. The skirt hem rested above her knee and, hidden from view, her embroidered hold-up stockings ringed her thigh muscles. He let his hand continue south, seeking out the end of her skirt, where he found a leg and travelled north again underneath her clothing. The moment his hand reached the end of her hold-ups and touched her bare flesh, she quivered.

She offered him her lips. She thought he wanted them. His gaze hadn’t left her face, even while he explored with his hands. Tania was at a huge disadvantage, because he knew her body intimately. Her weak spots had already been identified, and he sought them out swiftly. While he manoeuvred his lower hand up to her soaked knickers, he undid her jacket buttons with the fingers of the other.

His hand below struck its first target. He tore the flimsy, expensive fabric of her lacy underwear away from her crotch.

“Part them, Amber,” he said firmly. “I want to feel you.”

Without her shoes, her feet slid sideways on the tiled floor. It happened automatically. She couldn’t stop herself from responding to his voice and let out a muted shriek. He’d pinched the re-emerging hairs. She blushed, embarrassed at his discovery.

“Don’t worry. We’ll sort that later.”

More erotic suggestions to tantalise her. The implication was clear: he planned to shave her. As he spoke, the remnants of her knickers, the lightweight silk caressing her skin, drifted down to the floor and slipped away.

“Good riddance,” he said with a glint in his eyes. “I’d love it if you never wore them.”

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  1. Congratulations Jaye,

    This sounds like an awesome, hot read! I love the sound of this:)


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