A FREE Holiday romance just in time for the season!

Holiday Hope

by Libby Campbell

When Hannah goes to the wedding as someone’s date, she doesn’t expect to leave with the groom.


Hannah Hansen is only hoping for one thing this Christmas: someone to share her life. She’s not asking for the hottest male model, but please Santa, could he be a little bit alpha? Sensitive new age guys make great friends, but men who are decisive and slightly bossy make her tingle all over.

Then handsome, rich Steve Shewchuk invites her to be his last-minute, plus one at a wedding. Hannah’s hopes soar as Steve’s definitely the dominant type. But before their date is off the ground, Hannah realizes she has made a mistake. Steve’s veneer of an appealing alpha personality hides his thoughtless self absorption. In response to a call from the distressed bride-to-be, he drops Hannah a block from the church, forcing her to walk through a driving rainstorm alone.

Hannah arrives at the church, soaked to the skin, with her expensive hairdo ruined. She realizes her hopes for a future with Steve have washed down the drain along with her mascara. When the groom, charming Charles Descôteaux helps her in her moment of distress, there is an instant, electrical connection between them.

Could Charles be the assertive man she’s been hoping for? When Charles needs her help, will she be brave enough to rally to his side?

This book is offered free as a thank you to everyone who reads my books. Happy holidays however you spend them.

Disclaimer: Holiday Hope is intended for mature readers. 18 and over only! Scenes include spanking adult women, power exchanges, and explicitly sexual situations. These scenes are fantasies only, suitable for discerning readers. If such content may offend, please do not buy this book.

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After a long moment, Steve broke the silence. “Abby’s a bit high strung. When she called me, she was almost beside herself with worry. She needs a friend to help her calm down. And I know how to do that better than anyone.”

“That’s very nice of you,” Hannah said, as all other words failed her.

“Glad you approve.” Was that sarcasm in his voice? Was this going to be worst date Hannah had ever been on?

“Really she has no other friends who can help like you can?”

“No. She really doesn’t. I’m the only one who can turn her over his knee and paddle the anxiety out of her system, which is what she needs right now.” He spoke matter-of-factly, as if he was saying Abby preferred white wine over red.

At those words, Hannah’s body spun into warfare with her brain. Her head told her that Steve had shared the most shocking, inappropriate fact she’d ever heard from someone, let alone someone who barely knew her.

But her body lit up with delight. Her pulse pounded in her ears as heat washed up her neck. As her pussy clenched, she was grateful that her arousal wasn’t as visible as a man’s would have been.

Then an unexpected stab of anger froze her. How dare he tell her such an intimate fact! If anything happened between the two of them that night or any other time, would he mention it in casual conversation to the next woman who sat in his car?

She told herself he was stressed. After all he was losing a girlfriend who was, by anyone’s standards, a great prize: beautiful, rich, and well connected. That had to hurt. So she decided to forgive him, knowing that after tonight Abby would no longer get that special tension-relieving treatment from him.

Hannah had fantasized for a very long time about having a boyfriend who would occasionally take her in hand, warm her bottom until it turned bright red, and then tenderly comfort her after. When she’d suggested it to Dustin, he’d looked at her with open disgust and more than a little pity, as though she’d told him she had a terminal disease. She acted like she’d been kidding and never spoke her desire out loud again.

The itch didn’t go away though. The notion of mixing pleasure and pain continued to appeal to her, and she gave up trying to understand why. If Steve was willing to satisfy her long-held fantasy, she could forgive a lot of other faults.

First, she had to get through the evening. Once Abigail was off on her honeymoon with the handsome Dr. Descôteaux, maybe Steve would be able to look her way with greater interest.

Shape up she told herself. Get through tonight with enough grace and good humor that Steve can’t wait to see you again. The only one way to do that, she decided, was to charm everyone she met, as though she was on a high-priority diplomatic mission.

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