The Liberation of Miss X by Etta Stark

This is the first book in a new series ‘Victorian Submission’ about a very exclusive (and rather kinky) club in nineteenth century London called ‘The Spider Club’. When Flora enters the club for the first time, she knows that she has found a place in which she truly belongs. There she meets one of the club’s members, Lady Jevington who takes a shine to her. In the excerpt below, Flora discovers another side to Lady Jevington after she mistakenly mentions her name during her brother’s trial.

The Liberation of Miss X


Etta Stark

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London 1890. Flora Taylor has been estranged from her beloved brother, Edward, for five years after their father banished him from the house and refused to have anything to do with him. When she is reunited with him, she is delighted to have him back in her life but, sadly, her happiness is short-lived.

Edward and his lover, George, are arrested and imprisoned. The laws of Victorian London mean that the two men are facing the prospect of prison with hard labor for the crime of being in love with one another.

Flora must work with Edward’s friend and solicitor William Beech to secure their release. However, the more time she spends with Mr. Beech, the more she finds herself opening up to feelings and passions that she has never had the chance to explore before.

As Flora and Mr. Beech fall in love, they explore a world of discipline and submission. A world that is new to Flora but already familiar to Mr. Beech, a member of a very special London club. Flora discovers a world that she never knew existed and that she is more than happy to embrace.


Lady Jevington strode into the drawing room with a thunderous look upon her face. She addressed William, “Sir, your submissive has been making too free with her tongue and saying things she ought not.”

Flora was quick to reply. “Lady Jevington, please forgive me. I should not have mentioned you by name during the trial. I am truly sorry.”

“Silence, child. I am talking to your Master,” snapped Lady Jevington. “Mr. B, I demand that you hand your charge over to me so that I may take her in hand.”

“What do you intend to do with her?” asked William.

“I intend to chastise her severely. She will have the punishment of her life. She obviously requires harsh discipline to ensure that she never commits such an error again.”

“Madame, I will not have my submissive hit in anger.”

Lady Jevington’s furious expression melted away in a moment and a warm smile took its place. “My dears, I am only playing of course. That’s all this ever is—a delightful game. I don’t care that my name has been mentioned in connection with the Ravener trial. I am rich enough and independent enough to withstand the scandal. In fact, I rather think the notoriety will increase my social standing.”

Flora let out an audible breath.

“However,” continued Lady Jevington, the hardness creeping back into her voice. “This was not your submissive’s decision to make. I alone should have decided when I wished to make my proclivities public. That control was taken away from me and I want it back. I want to punish Miss X. It won’t be done in anger. It will be calm, measured and done with a great deal of affection. I am very fond of the girl. She needs this correction for her own good.” Lady Jevington turned to Flora and addressed her directly. “As I said, my dear, it is just a game. But it is a game I take very seriously. I play hard.”

About Etta Stark:

Etta Stark is an enthusiastic writer and reader of spanking romance who writes the kinds of books that she enjoys reading – historical and contemporary romances with strong characters and proper plotlines in between all the delicious spankings.

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  1. Hi Jaye and Etta, I love the sound of this and enjoyed the snippet. This sounds like an awesome, interesting and hot read. Thank you both 🙂


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