The Accused Wife – yours to keep

If you’re stuck at home and wishing you were somewhere else, you’re not alone!  So perhaps something to take you back in time, when ladies wore fashionable gloves and gentleman carried walking sticks, and prisons were terrible places for young women.

My contribution to the Six of the Best spanking anthology is now out as a standalone novella on Amazon. So if you missed out on this limited time publication, now is your chance to grab your Kindle and download a copy of The Accused Wife.

AMAZON – Kindle Unlimited

Caroline is duty bound to marry Sir Maximillian Hampton to ensure her father stays out of debt, but she quickly realises she has made a terrible mistake in agreeing to the marriage.

Six months later, she stands accused of murdering her husband with poison. Faced with the noose, she is saved by the mysterious Alexander Heath, a traveller with a secret occupation. Caroline is swept off her feet by Alexander and his promises. Is she about to make the same mistake again or has she finally found a man to whom she can trust her heart?

Caroline’s marriage proved to be disastrous. Did she murder her husband? Is she feeling any remorse over his death?  Alexander is determined to get to the bottom of the matter, and he has particular methods in mind to help him find out.

Publisher’s Note: The Accused Wife includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book. (Previously published as part of Six of the Best Anthology)


“This is a really unique story that had several twists and turns. It is so well written you don’t realize you reading a short story. Alexander falls for Caroline on sight but it takes a while before he can actually claim her.” Goodreads reviewer

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  1. This is awesome Jaye. This sounds like a wonderful, interesting and hot read 🙂


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