The Hunted Bride – Will he find his perfect prey?

I’ve emerged from lockdown with one new book and another in the making, so I can’t complain that it hasn’t been a productive few months, if only the reason was so calamitous!

My new release – The Hunted Bride – is dark, rough, gothic and will transport you back to the Middle Ages when men hunted for food. Except Lord Gervais Baliol isn’t just interested in the usual kind of hunting, he wants the perfect prey – a bride for himself. However, the lady he desires isn’t his to claim.

Lady Matilda is in trouble. She’s has caused a scandal in a convent. Now, instead of a betrothal to her favoured knight, she is given to Gervais for three months. Is this a punishment? Or is he going to seduce her himself?

The huntsman is going to chase her down whatever she decides…


When the marriage prospects of nineteen-year-old Matilda Barre are all but ruined by scandal, the renowned mercenary Lord Gervais Baliol takes it upon himself to tame, correct, and wed the beautiful, feisty young lady. Not long after arriving at his castle, Matilda finds herself stripped bare for an intimate, humiliating examination followed by a thorough spanking over Gervais’ knee, but it is not her future husband’s firm-handed correction which proves most shocking.

A wild beast lurks within Gervais, something fierce and feral that waits to be unleashed. Soon that beast will claim Matilda, and when it does she has no doubt that it will be rough and savage.

Publisher’s Note: The Hunted Bride includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


STAY SAFE Everyone!

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  1. Hi Jaye,

    Wonderful to hear you have made the most of lockdown and been productive. Great news for us 🙂 love the sound of this. This sounds like an intense, awesome read.


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