Sailing again – Pursuing her Pirate relaunched

If you missed out on Pirates, Passion and Plunder, then have no fear, you can catch at least one hot pirate captain in my contribution – Pursuing her Pirate.

AMAZON (99p / 99c / Kindle Unlimited)

You’re not the only one chasing down a pirate. Esme is seeking one too, but first she has to get on board the pirate ship.

Pressganging involves snatching hapless men off the streets and forcing them to serve in the navy. In the 18th century, no man wanted to go to sea, where conditions were appalling and death likely during a battle.  With no incentives to offer, the pressgangs employed unscrupulous methods: men would fall asleep drunk in the street and wake up on a ship.

However, pirate ships operated differently to naval ones. The captain was elected by the crew, and could be removed by them too. The pirate captain ran a business, ensuring that his ship captured the best loot and prizes, or else he would become unpopular. The sailors took a share of the money, and whatever else they found. But the ships still needed recruits, because if caught, everyone would hang. The incentives might be better than the navy, but the risks equally dangerous.

Esme is a young woman and brave. She’s decided the best way to get find her man is to join the pressgangers and use them to gain access to the ships. Will her plan work though?

Like all my heroines, she’s probably going to discover more than she bargained, including some naughty activities in the captain’s cabin, where she’s held captive.

Esme has her heart set on one man. Unfortunately, he’s a pirate. Her only hope in catching his attention is to do something drastic and risk her life.
Relying on the loathsome act of pressganging, she uses her disguise to gain access to his ship. However, Captain Flynn Bartoc has other plans for Esme, and she’s not going to win anyone’s heart if she’s tied up in his cabin.

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  1. This sounds like an awesome collaboration and I love the sound of this book 🙂


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