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“I haven’t done anything wild today, at least not yet, but you better hold on to your hat now.”

It’s with pleasure I welcome my friend, PK Corey, to this blog with her book, Cassie on the Move. I’ve been following Cassie’s antics for some years now, and she just keeps on giving us great tales. I’ll let PK explain a little more…


Author’s note – This series of books takes a loving look into a domestic discipline marriage. You’ll find that they have an active sex life, though you may have to use your imagination for the details. And you’ll find enough spanking to satisfy most anyone! But you’ll also find strong men and feisty women with fiercely loyal friendships and a love story that many would envy.

Our genre has gotten darker lately – excellent books, to be sure. But sometimes I want something lighter that still has plenty of spanking. Readers say my books make them laugh and cry and feel like they are visiting with an old friend. I hope you’ll give one a try.

Cassie is on the move and loving life. Through paint-ball game in the woods and a water park adventure she’s gets to know her new neighbors as the new house is renovated.

Cassie is traveling too. From trips with just the girls to conventions, vacations, and cruises with Tom and friends, she’s always ready for the next adventure. But when Cassie begins having dizzy spells Tom thinks a slower pace is in order. Getting Cassie to slow down and take care of herself proves to be quite a challenge. A challenge Tom is more than determined to take on.

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I rested peacefully in his arms until around one-fifteen, then I slipped out and quickly redressed. Moments later, Sue and I were off. Beth had been right about the show. We laughed until we hurt. It was so raunchy I was most grateful that Tom was not with me. He would have had a fit. Just after two, Sue and I parted and it was the moment of truth. Would I be able to make it back to bed without waking Tom? I’d done it the night before. I took a deep breath and opened the door quietly. I’d left the bedroom door opened a crack, lest it make a noise. I slipped off my dress, tiptoed into the bedroom, and slipped silently into bed beside my sleeping husband.

I lay still for a moment to make sure he wouldn’t waken, and then gently scooted over toward him to snuggle as I do during the night. Tom rolled over sleepily and pulled me to him to spoon as he usually does. I’d done it! I snuggled back against him and sighed in relief.

Tom stirred a bit, gently kissed me on the back of the neck, and whispered, “In the morning I’m going to wear you out.”

He said it quietly, but the surge of adrenaline that shot through me made it seem as though he had shouted in my ear.

“What?” I tried not to sound shocked. “I was just in the bathroom. What are you talking about?”

He pulled me even closer and said, “You went to that show when I told you not to. And you left the suite without telling me. Are you sure you want to lie to me right now?” I don’t know how Tom knows everything all the time.

I started one more time, “Tom –”

He cut me off and said, “I am tired and I want to go back to sleep. If you don’t hush I am going to spank you now and again in the morning.” He did not sound happy and he did not sound like he was kidding. I hushed.


Meet PK Corey

After spending thirty-six years in two careers I liked just fine, I’ve finally found my dream career as a writer. I’ve been happily married for thirty-six-years and my sweet husband has gotten used to the unique experience of living with a writer. He is very encouraging and an excellent editor when he’s pressed into service.

I’ve been intrigued by spanking stories since before I first saw Ricky spank Lucy. Stories of this nature were hard to come by before the Internet and the ones I found were a little harsh on discipline and very much lacking in love. So, I made up my own stories and enjoyed these in my head for years. I finally began writing them down. Although the lovely women in my stories are spanked often, the love between them and their men takes top priority.

My Cassie’s Space series shows a mature couple who are deeply in love. Despite loving Cassie’s free-spirited ways, Tom is determined to keep her safe, even if it takes a trip over his knee. And with her friend Sue by her side and all they get into, a trip over his knee is very likely. My Cal’s Law series, is about a younger couple. Though they come from very different backgrounds, love and discipline draw them together.

I love my husband, my kids, my cats, reading, writing and hearing from my readers. You can contact me at

PK Corey’s Reading Room blog


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  1. I adore Tom and Cassie. Theirs is a true love story. Cassie always makes me laugh with her antics, but as this snippet shows, Tom knows her too well and isn’t easily fooled lol.

    Thank you both for sharing:)


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