Dark Chocolate and Strawberries – Daryl Devore

Dark Chocolate and Strawberries – A twisted fairytale

by Daryl Devore

What’s a naughty fairy tale like Red Riding Hood without Red, the huntsman, grandma and especially, the big bad wolf?

Esmerelda ‘Red’ Hood is summoned to her mother’s executive suite only to learn her sweet granny is headed for a romantic cruise with a gigolo. Horrified, Red races off to save her grandma before it’s too late.

On board, Red meets Andrew Woodsman and Willem Olf. One a cutie with the biggest puppy eyes and the other a dark, sophisticated predator. Her grandmother’s warning rings in Red’s ear “Never trust a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Even with the warning, Red has trouble choosing which man could be the big bad wolf and which could be her happily ever after.




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A hot excerpt!

Releasing Chopper, Red reached up to pull Will’s mouth to hers. Chopper moved lower and sucked a nipple into his mouth. The slurping sounds of mouth on mouth, mouth and nipple and fingers thrusting into liquid heat were mixed with the groans and moans of the fully aroused creatures.

They were no longer humans in the true sense of the word. All three had slipped back to the deepest and most powerful of their basic instincts and at that moment it ruled their existence.

Chopper eased down and settled between Red’s knees. Will’s mouth withdrew from Red’s. His eyes were dark, his brow furled and a low growl sounded in his throat. Resting his weight on his hands, Chopper wiggled his cock into position, ready to slip through the carnal wetness dripping from Red’s pussy. He closed his eyes. A blissful smile crossed his face. Red opened her legs, offering herself to his swollen cock and the pleasures he could deliver.

Quick as a cat, Will got on his knees and shoved Chopper away from the prize. Red groaned in frustration. Chopper raised up on his knees, ready to defend what was his. Will snarled a dangerous threat. Chopper hesitated. Will moved to the empty place between Red’s legs.

He did not hesitate nor did he revel in anticipated bliss. Positioning himself, Will plunged deep inside her torrid, willing snatch. Accepting all of his massive, swollen cock, Red squealed in delight as he thrust into her. He stretched and filled her. Feeling a fullness she’d never experienced, she arched her hips and urged him deeper.

Mixed with Red’s moans and Will’s grunts were the sucking sounds of his cock’s relentless pounding. Red ground her hips into him at the apogee of his thrust. She wanted every last bit of his shaft buried inside her, pleasuring her, driving her to limits she’d never experienced before.

“Look at me.” Will’s voice sounded like a snarl.

She opened her eyes.

His gaze locked onto hers as the power and speed of his thrust increased.

“Fuck me, Will! You feel so good. So strong. I need you. Deeper! Ah!” She wrapped her legs around his hips and pressed him against her. “Harder, Will.” His force increased as she urged him on. Her body screamed for release, but she resisted. His pleasuring was a drug and she’d become an addict.

Nevertheless, her orgasm would not be denied. It erupted with the power of a volcano and flowed over her with the force of a tsunami. Screams of ecstasy were released as her body convulsed around his throbbing penis. He arched, tensed and hissed as she felt him explode inside her. Aftershocks of joy rippled through her body as she relaxed.

Will pressed his lips to hers as he withdrew and snuggled next to her.

She turned her head to the left, brushed her hair out of her face, looked at a dejected Chopper and reached out to him. But instead of him joining them in bed, he morphed into her grandmother, who said, “Nr st a f n sp hing.”

“What? I don’t understand.”

Will put his lips next to her ear and whispered, “She said, never trust a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”


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