Guarding Gabby – what will happen to her if he fails?

It’s been a while since I’ve had a new book out, and my latest novel has been long in the making!

Let me introduce to the key characters: Zayne and Gabby.

They’re conscripts on a military base, an island fortress that once was a prison. They had duties, and they’re bored. It’s a perfect set up for a romance, especially as they’re underground tunnels and bunkers, dark places for dark romance.

But Zayne isn’t just a private in the army. He’s a prince, the son of a kingpin mafia boss. He’s dangerous and has powerful friends. Is he the right man to protect Gabby?

Gabby looks like an ordinary girl, but she’s not. She’s spent far too much time in secret clubs, learning what happens to naughty girls.



Demiri casts a stupendous shadow, amplified by the window and the brilliant sunlight right behind him. I squint, trying to see something other than the whites of his eyes. But all I can make out are the outlines of shoulders—squared off, broad—and two bulging biceps.


There’s a fire in her gaze, and it’s more than the sun reflecting off her eyes. She’s so alive, so vivacious. Electricity crackles off her, burrowing into my skin. I prickle with energy—her energy.


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  1. Congratulations on the new release Jaye! Great teaser, I love the sound of this:)


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