New Release – Reckless – A Dark Mafia Billionaire Romance

Katrina is the new girl in the big city looking for excitement and she finds it… in Monte Carlo at the hands of a Mafia Kingpin and Billionaire, Leon, who doesn’t date… until he meets Katrina. But it all goes wrong when an assassin takes a shot at his head.

Ever lost your memory? How do you get it back? Katrina thinks she can, if only she recreate the one night they spent together. Dare she?

Leon can’t believe it, he never falls for a girl. He spanks them, ties them up and enjoys them, but never does he think of going that next step. He will with Katrina. But a bullet to the head ends that thought and all memory of her.


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He knew I was a good girl pretending to be bad. He gave me what a bad girl needs anyway.

Leon Murati is not the kind of man to be toyed with, but that didn’t stop me. That’s why I’m riding in his limo with my cheeks blushing and my bottom already bared for a spanking…

…and why there will be a big wet spot on the leather seat long before we reach our destination.

This billionaire mob boss is going to make me beg before he ravages me, and I’ll be screaming when I come for him. But the terrifying part is what comes after he’s made me cry out his name.

I know falling for him is reckless… but maybe he’s falling for me too?

Publisher’s Note: Reckless includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

She’s beaming, glowing almost, and it’s deeply affecting. I find I’m drawn to stare at her. As I help her rise to her feet, my gaze locks onto hers. It’s the final straw, I can’t stop myself. I scoop her into my arms and smother her with kisses, peppering her neck and breasts, delirious almost with the need to be intimate, as if I’ve been starved of affection for years. She gasps in little pants, acknowledging my feverishness with kisses of her own, and gradually, we center on each other’s mouths. I carry her to a long settee, where we lie, kissing hungrily.

“Kat, Kat,” I whisper.

She snuggles, the wetness of our skin forgotten in the heat of our passion.

“You like me?” she asks sweetly.

“I’ll find a way.” I can’t actually say it, the ‘like’ word, when I’ve never said it to anyone. Just admitting I really like her is a big step. “You can visit me and, if we’re discreet, we can go out and, you know, hang out… and we’ll go from there. What do you say?”

She tickles my chest with the tip of one finger. “Seriously. You’re going to give us a try. I thought this wasn’t your thing, dating girls properly, openly.”

“Don’t push your luck, I might change my mind.” I say this half-heartedly, but I really don’t know what I’m doing. I’m shifting into something new and dare I think it, intriguing. What if I could convince her to stay with me, let me teach her how to please me more than anyone ever has?

She pouts beautifully. “I’ll take the risk, even if you end up breaking my heart.”

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