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Since childhood, I have written my stories, combining the realistic with the fantastical to help bring my imaginings alive.

I like reading many genres: Historical, Science Fiction and Crime, as well as Erotica and especially books involving kink.  Taking the plunge to write my own books has involved hours at the keyboard bringing to life personalities and themes, intertwining them with erotic romance.   Letting them loose, publishing them, has given me the opportunity to entertain and share my words.

Stories involving kink, BDSM and spankings are not for everyone. However,  I hope by telling the various journeys of lovers, their struggles and dedication to each other, they will illustrate that alternative lifestyles need to be judged considerately.

Whether you’re a reader, writer or simply curious, please stop by now and again, and perhaps share a comment.

Email : Jayepeaches@gmail.com

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