An Alien Proposition

Paige has been invited to work for an alien senator on his home planet, Halos. But does she really understand exactly what Senator Jamen Hosta wants from her?


She liked his lips. They looked very kissable. She tried to ignore them and concentrate on what he was saying. “You don’t have men working for you?”

“I have advisors and investigators. Their role is to go out and gather data. Then, I use this to make informed decisions. Your role would be more personal. I expect you to be available all day, and every day.”

She swallowed hard. The more he talked, the more he alluded to something more than clerical work. Perhaps she had to massage his shoulders or file his fingernails. Men could do that job, though. “Administrative work surely doesn’t require that kind of attention.”

He leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees and clasping his hands together. “Did I say it was entirely administrative?”

“No. What else then?” She needed a fan, or something to cool her heated skin down. He fixed her with his expressive eyes and she couldn’t let go of his gaze. The silvery pools he conjured up in his irises were too tempting. She wanted to leap into them.

“I shall be blunt, which I think suits you. You will also be required to attend to my comfort and pleasure. This means submitting to my sexual demands.”

What an incredible proposition! She gaped in disbelief. She had thought he was teasing her, but this description went beyond anything she might have anticipated. He was talking about fucking her whenever he liked. Such a bizarre role, if it existed on Earth, would end her career and ruin his, too. But, she wasn’t going to be on Earth and Jamen wasn’t human.

She snatched the glass off the table and downed the contents in one greedy gulp. She wished it was wine or something stronger.

“A hanjin is a highly respected position,” he continued, unabashed by her reaction. “You will have your own office adjacent to mine, quarters next to my private apartment, medical backup, language tuition so that you will learn Vendu, and a salary that will be translated into Earth’s currency when you leave. Usually, hanjin are unpaid aides, but I appreciate this time away from Earth will deplete your income.”

He’d thought of nearly everything, except one thing: her consent. Her absolute agreement, and if she changed her mind out there, what would happen to her?

“If I say no to the sex part, would you still take me?” she asked, regaining her voice.

“Yes. Since you would gain much from the experience. However, I think you would gain even more to agreeing to be my hanjin. I would require others to fulfill those functions, which would be a pity, as I think you would perform them satisfactorily. Perhaps even with excellence.”

She had to be blushing. “How do you know?” she snapped. “Just because you’ve seen me nearly naked and being spanked, doesn’t make me some kind of sex fiend. I’m not a whore.” She rose to her feet. She was making a mistake; he couldn’t possibly understand her needs.

He remained seated, unperturbed by her curt rebuke. “No. You’re not. I didn’t mean to imply payment makes you—”

“It’s not the money. I don’t know you. Humans like to know the people they fuck. We do this love thing.”

“I gather it is important, but I also have been reliably informed that physical attraction between two persons can lead to an enjoyable sexual relationship without the additional emotional needs.”

He spoke a little too robotically. “I don’t want this to be devoid of emotion,” she said through gritted teeth. “That’s the problem. You’ve described a job that involves sex. Me having sex with you, an alien. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to do it, or like it.” She planted her hands on her hips.

“Then, let us see, here and now. I’m willing to demonstrate my needs. Why don’t you show me yours?” His eyes twinkled, but his mouth was rigidly straight. He wasn’t playing a game—he seriously wanted to fuck her.

Her knees knocked against each other. She should go, run out of the suite and never come back. But, she couldn’t move. Her feet had glued themselves to the carpet pile.

“What if I don’t please you?” she asked softly. Was that the real issue—her ability to deliver what he wanted? And what were her needs? She had never truly explored them. No experimental boyfriends had broken her outer shell or seen into her soul. Only at the Bow and Tie had she explored some of those secret passions. Every man she’d ever slept with had moved on when they realized they couldn’t be what she wanted them to be. A skilled lover was one thing; an alpha male was something harder to find, especially one she could trust.

Yet, here right before her was the perfect specimen of dominance. A humanoid species who bred dominants and expected their females to be submissive. She wouldn’t have to pretend she was something else. She could be exactly what she felt inside, in her very core.

“You will please me,” he said with confidence. She believed him, because he didn’t look away when he said it.

“And if I can’t cope?” She had to have a safety net.

His face softened, the lips lost their hard line. “Paige. If you seriously hate Halos, then you can come back. You’re not going to be my prisoner.”

“And the sex?”

He rose to his feet, crossed the space between them. He gathered up both her hands. “It is what I wish. Don’t tell me you don’t have the same feelings.”

She opened her mouth to deny it, but the words failed to form. Instead, she moved closer and under him as he leaned toward her. He skated his hands up her bare arms and his silky touch was electric. By the time he reached her shoulders, their lips had connected. She tilted her head up and their mouths converged into a tight, hard kiss. He lingered, sighing warm air into her, before nibbling on her lower lip.

His hands continued to glide up and down her arms, then around her neck. One hand alone could easily span her whole neck, or so it felt. When he dropped the other down the length of her spine, she quivered. The electric sensation reached her scalp, tingled along her arms and into her pussy. She was wet, fucking wet. Her panties would be saturated soon.

With a brazenness that impressed her inner submissive, he hooked the straps of her dress off her shoulders and lowered them. With her bra exposed, he eased away from her moist mouth, which he’d kissed throughout his explorations, and sprang her breasts free from the cups.

“They’re not much, I know—”

He hushed her with his eyes, his stern gaze. “They’re perfect for me.” He cupped her breasts in his palms and returned to kissing her mouth.

~ Chosen by the Senator