Reckless – a Dark Mafia Billionaire Romance

I made one reckless decision – can I live with the consequences?


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He knew I was a good girl pretending to be bad. He gave me what a bad girl needs anyway.

Leon Murati isn’t the kind of man who romances a woman gently. That’s why I’m riding in his limo with my bottom already bared for a spanking, and why there will be a wet spot on the leather seat even before he teaches me what happens to naughty girls who flirt with mob bosses.

He’s going to make me beg before he ravages me, and I’ll be screaming when I come for him, but it’s not the shameful things he’ll do to me in bed that have me worrying I’m in too deep.

It’s the fact that we both know I belong to him now… and probably forever.

Publisher’s Note: Reckless includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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How it starts….

This nightclub is a reckless choice. I realize the moment I arrive that I’m on dangerous territory. I’m not normally this crazy. I’d describe myself as a typical girl, with a job that pays just enough for the rent, bus fares, sufficient thrifted clothes for work, and little else. Yet there’s a ticking time bomb inside of me waiting to go off because on Saturday nights, I come alive with the craving for a little adventure, something to spice up an otherwise dull life.