Sophia and the Duke

Regency romance – can love bridge the gap between a duchess and her colonial husband?

sophiaandthedukeAfter the passing of her husband, the elderly Duke of Brockenhurst, twenty-two-year-old Sophia chafes at her family’s expectations during her lengthy mourning period. When she is free to re-emerge in society at last, at her grandmother’s insistence she entertains the courtship of Nathaniel Hartwell, a distant cousin of the old duke and the man next in line for the title.

To her shock, Sophia learns that Nathaniel has spent the last eight years living as a trapper and fur trader in the mountains of Canada, isolating himself from the world after the tragic death of the woman he loved. Though he is a rough, uncivilised man, his devilishly handsome looks and commanding presence excite her in a way nothing ever has before.

Sophia sets out to transform the new duke into someone suitable for polite society, but when her comments become disrespectful and mocking Nathaniel takes issue with her behaviour. Almost before she knows it, she is over his lap and her aristocratic bottom has been bared for a sound spanking.

Knowing that it is the right choice for all concerned, Nathaniel asks her to be his wife, but despite the fact that their marriage begins as one of convenience he is determined to show Sophia the intense pleasure a strong man’s dominant lovemaking can bring her. Though her spoiled attitude occasionally earns her a bright red, well-spanked bottom, as the weeks pass her desire for him grows ever stronger. But can love truly bridge the gulf between people from such different worlds?

Publisher’s Note: Sophia and the Duke is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

5* Amazon Reviews

This book is very well written, offering not only good complex characters but a particularly honest and captivating look at relationship evolvement. Most definitely hot sex and D/s are at the core of the chemistry between Nathaniel and Sophia. The reader is allowed to see how true commitment, as well as, shifting and balance of power affects the union. Beyond the story of the couple are the elements of England following the French Revolution and a tantalizing element from the New World frontier. The story pulled me into it, as I really had not initially expected

What a fun read! I love the eternal story of a sexy, dominant yet kind man who marries a sassy, sweet young woman. Oh, the fun they get up to while learning to meld their personalities together in marriage. And Jaye Peaches ensures there are many paragraphs full of “fun times” for everyone to enjoy. There is some discipline (no surprise, right? You read the excerpt! You know this author!) but I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Jaye keeps it consensual and within the bounds of my personal limits, not that she specifically set out to do that (but still, I appreciate it! Thanks, JP!) To me, racy but consensual makes a novel really hot because it’s fully enjoyable. The story is fun and the characters are quirky, and I just thoroughly enjoyed the read.

4.5* Manic Readers

Here, we have Sophia in Regency England, widowed by a duke at age 22. Even having been married, as was almost always the case in those days, (despite what most romance writers would have you believe) most wives had no idea of lovemaking, & many husbands didn’t either.

So when the new Duke arrives from the wilds of Canada, he falls for Sophia’s untrained ways, & takes her to wife, intending to train her in domination, submission & spanking.

He also decides to rid her of her snobby ways, & dependency on servants. She has never dressed herself or done her own hair, let alone, cooked or cleaned. As a honeymoon, he takes her to a secluded cottage where they have no servants, have to catch their own food, & then cook it.

Sophia doesn’t like her honeymoon very much, but she does love her husband, so she tries hard to learn the humility he’s trying to teach her. It’s a pretty good heroine’s journey, as are many of Peaches’ books. Another great read for snowy night, or swimming pool.

4 * Nichols Review:

I usually stray away from historical novels because I find them slow and boring. Sophia and The Duke kept me wrapped in its pages from the beginning. I love watching Sophia try to transform Nathaniel into a man fit for society. Sophia and The Duke is a perfect example of what happens when people from two different worlds come together and try to make a relationship last.

What starts as a relationship of convenience turns into a budding romance full of lust, spankings, and the need to be wanted. This is my first book that I’ve read by Peaches but it sure won’t be my last! Peaches has a way of writing that draws you despite the fact that the genre may be out of your comfort zone.

Read an extended excerpt here.



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