The Duke and the Thief

  • To catch the thief, first he must spank her
  • The Duke and the Thief

Though she works two jobs and earns enough to keep herself off the streets of Victorian-era London, twenty-one-year-old Eloise Smith has developed a naughty habit of stealing trinkets from those around her. When a gentleman who introduces himself as the Duke of Savoy takes an interest in Eloise, he decides to put a stop to her thieving with the aid of his riding crop.

The duke knows how to deal with a young lady in need of stern correction, and when Eloise is caught with yet another item that doesn’t belong to her, she is chastised even more shamefully. As she is forced to confess the full extent of her misdeeds with her well-punished bottom still on display, Eloise cannot help longing to be claimed hard and thoroughly, but the man who has set out to tame her has a secret of his own. Will the truth bring their newfound romance to an end?

Publisher’s Note: The Duke and the Thief includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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It was after the door closed behind them that Eloise noticed the gloves on the table. She picked them up and raced to the street outside. A black coach with a crest on the side was drawn up outside the shop. Imogen had vanished inside the dim interior and the man had one foot on the step.

“Sir, sir.” Eloise held out the gloves. “You forgot these.”

He pivoted and his bushy eyebrows furrowed. He scratched his beard and shook his head. “She’s very forgetful,” he remarked. “Thank you, young lady.” He thrust the gloves through the door and a pale hand retrieved them in silence.

“I guess she has much on her mind,” Eloise ventured.

He snorted. “Can’t think why.” He paused and gave Eloise his full attention, as if she was an object on display in the shop window. “You did well in there.”

She was not sure what he meant. “Thank you,” she opted to say in lieu of anything else.

He rummaged in his pocket. “I never gave you a tip.”

“Quite unnecessary, sir. As you can see, I’m in charge—”

“I think not,” he said with amusement. “I think Mr. Drake and his wife are out at the moment and you are alone. But, all the same, you did well.” He held out the coin.

She could not resist the shiny guinea. She needed money. With a quick glance over her shoulder to check they weren’t being watched, she picked the coin out of his gloved palm.

“Thank you,” she said quietly.

“You guessed that Imogen is not my wife?”

Eloise blushed. “Tis not for me to comment, sir,” she said.

“Well, she isn’t. But she is important to me,” he added. “You look like the kind of young lady who might also need somebody to take care of them. And, I suspect, given how your eyes widened when I offered you a guinea, that you are struggling with monetary matters.”

“Oh, not at all,” she lied. She tried hard to hide her scuffed boots from Mrs. Drake, but there was little she could do to improve her lot on her meagre wages.

He delved his hand into his breast pocket. Another tip? No, he retrieved a calling card, the kind a gentleman gives to another. The lettering was gold as was the trim. He offered it to her.

“If you ever have the need, then do call upon Madame Irene.”

She read the small print—Madame Irene, Owner. The Velvet Glove. The address was in Mayfair.

“Is she a dressmaker?” Eloise asked.

He laughed. “No. She is far more accomplished than that. It is a gentleman’s club.” He winked and tipped his hat before climbing into the carriage.


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TOP PICK Romance Reviews:
The Romance Review

Well, I’ll start by saying that I’m a huge fan of both Ashe Barker and Jaye Peaches, so when I saw that the two of them got together to co-write THE DUKE AND THE THIEF, I couldn’t resist. I will admit to being caught a bit by surprise. I’d chosen the story based on the title and I had expectations that there would be more of a swash-buckling nature to the story (obviously without pirates). What we get instead is cleverer and heavier on the relationship-building.

Likes: Eloise is incredibly likeable, as well as a bit mischievous. Adam is a bit of a conundrum but part way through the story, his character seems to solidify (at least he did for me) and I grew to like him. The secondary/tertiary characters all work well to give you a firm feel for Victorian London but don’t expect it to be 100% accurate, this is fantasy after all. 

Dislikes: I will readily admit that I could have gotten into a much longer story.

Of note: There are a great many domestic discipline scenes in the story, so if the likes of which bother you, then don’t read this story. However, if you enjoy the potential for a bit of tawdriness or possibly a punishment scene, then you will enjoy this story. I know I did.


From the very beginning, this book regarding the interaction of Eloise, a foundling and Adam, a “duke,” intrigued and excited me. There is a question and a mystery. What could it be? Why does “the duke” single out Eloise? What does he really want? What does he think she has done? If she has erred, is it bad enough to merit such firm discipline? I was continually surprised with the path this story took. Incredible punishments were accompanied by deep pain and arousing pleasure.

Even as “the duke’s” incentive and Eloise’s motivations were revealed, the excitement continued. My heart was racing, chest tightening and butterflies fluttering in my stomach. What will Adam do? Will Eloise be able to accept the consequences of her actions? Will he be able to help her atone? This story stole my breath. It is deliciously painful and excitingly pleasurable. And, the surprises, as well as the glorious sensuality, just continued right until the end.


“The Duke and the Thief” offers much more than the typical Victorian romance. The professional writing styles of both authors flows seamlessly across the page, transporting readers back to another place and time. With vivid portrayals of Victorian era London, readers are regaled with powerful depictions of Victorian London society from the abject poverty of White Chapel, brothels catering to the kinks of affluent men, to country lodges where prosperous men retreat for privacy and kinky play. The plot is filled with mystery, suspense, intrigue, several twists and turns, engaging readers from the first page to the very last. The story features a strong, totally identifiable female lead, an intriguing male protagonist and their entangled journey toward trust, love and happiness.

Victorian era enthusiasts with a penchant for punishment will undoubtedly appreciate “The Duke and the Thief”!

Disclaimer: Children 18+ due to explicit sexual content. No Kindles were seriously harmed while reading this novel.
Disclaimer for the Disclaimer… The term “seriously harmed” is not intended to include: overheating, scorch marks, minor melting or inconsequential fire that can be put out with an extinguisher. Fire retardant gloves highly recommended while reading. Reviewer is not responsible for run-on sentences, appalling grammar or questionable punctuation.

RATING DETAILS (Based on 1 to 5 Gold Stars):
Steam Factor: 5 Naughty Stars
Writing Style: 5 Professional Stars
Plot: 5 Intriguing Stars
Engaging Characters: 5 Identifiable Stars
Satisfying Conclusion: 5 Heartfelt Stars


The Duke and the Thief is a stand alone historical romance. Eloise works two jobs, trying to better her life, one a little more respectable than the other. Her evening job has opened her eyes to everything her body loves, as well as giving her more opportunities to take tiny trinkets from those who have left a lasting impression, such as the Duke of Savoy. When he purchases her for a weekend, Eloise is in danger of losing her heart. But the Duke is not who he says he is, and is on a mission. When the truth comes out of both of them, is the budding relationship and love between Eloise and Adam doomed?

As soon as I opened this book on my reader, I was just immediately swept away and stayed up way past my bedtime to finish reading the book. Ms. Barker and Ms. Peaches were a dynamite team that created deep and emotional characters, a plot line that kept me reading, and a whole lot of steamy goodness that I really hope they will write together again soon! Eloise was this beautiful character that had a love for punishment and a need to keep memories, even if that came in the form of thieving. Adam was definitely a complex character that was hiding secrets from Eloise, even as he felt a growing connection to her. It really created some internal conflict for him and Eloise. The passion between them was strong, and I did enjoy both their playing and their punishment scenes. I loved that everything came in a full circle, nothing was included in this book that wasn’t necessary, and I loved some of the twists and turns that the pages and characters took me through. I loved reading this book!


I love it when two of my favorite authors collaborate to come up with a blended spanking romance that features the best of each of their styles. In this story we have a very lovely young heroine (Eloise) who was abandoned by her mother as an infant yet has persevered to make a modest life for herself even though it does involve a part time job working in what we would generally refer to as a house of ill repute. She also has a couple of personality traits that lend themselves well to the story line. Firstly, she has a liking to being spanked, and secondly she has a bad habit of stealing small items. The hero of our story, Adam Dacre / the Duke of Savoy, has a penchant for spanking young ladies so it would seem they were destined to meet at the exclusive gentlemen’s club, The Velvet Glove. There is also a compelling underlying mystery in that the Duke does not seem to be all that he appears to be. The story and plot are very well laid out and liberally spiced with many spankings in various degrees of severity and with many implements used. There is also a very happy-ever-after ending that is facilitated in a manner that was most surprising and then elevated with yet another endearing twist. For the true romantics at heart, who also like a little discipline and sex thrown in, this book will keep you both entertained and then completely satisfied. 5 Stars


Eloise has had a bit of a tough life. Her mum had to give her up when she was a baby do to the loss of her husband and no job. She left her in the care of a facility that would cloth, shelter, and make sure Eloise had a trade. For her part, she does make her way but she meets a gentleman that introduces her to a different way to supplement her income. “The Duke of Savoy” or Adam Dacre was looking for someone with “fortitude” and he found that in Eloise. But he did not want to grow attached to her. She was just a plaything after all.

In the beginning, you think he is royal and regal but then as the story progresses, I start to not like him. You keep reading about the “authorities.” Seriously?! I feel like he is using her for his own personal fun just to get that one bit of information so he can have her arrested. UGH! Then he broke her. I cried. You almost felt the pain of the cane in your heart. Eloise may be a “strumpet,” I hate the word whore but she confronts him and not only was I crying for her but cheering at the same time. Then or course there are a few other parts at the end that had me crying.


This slightly dark romance is set in historical England and is about a young widow (Elisabeth) who is forced by circumstances beyond her control to leave her baby girl (Eloise) at a foundling hospital. Years later, this child has become an adult and while working as a dressmaker’s assistant, Eloise is handed a card for a gentlemen’s club and from here, her journey and the story begin.
There is: twists & turns, intrigue, attractions, arrangements, acceptance, domination/submission, consensual spanking, memories, verbal conflict, deceit, theft, betrayal, lies, abduction, attempted murder, law enforcement, beneficiary, discovery, happiness, trust, love and some explicit steamy scenes.
The characters continue to develop throughout the plot and become well-developed with individual personalities. The story-line and plot is fascinating and suspenseful with some interesting surprises for the reader. I really enjoyed reading this slightly dark historical romance and would recommend it.


I was very excited to see these two authors come together for a book. I was expecting to see glimpses of both authors’ writing style, but somehow they blended in a way that felt different from anything I’ve read from either author. The characters were both likeable, but it was Eloise that really pulled me in. With seemingly insurmountable circumstances, she had somehow manage to carve out a life for herself. I wanted to scream each time she jeopardized that life with her bad habit.

The authors did really well at slowly revealing Adam’s motivation for entering Eloise’s life. It was clear why he was there, but at the same time it didn’t all add until near the end. I definitely enjoyed reading this combined effort, hopefully these two will come together again in the future for another book.


Eloise grew up in a fondling hospital never knowing who her parents were. When she became of age, equipped with the education of a seamstress, was sent to work at a draper and haberdashers store. There she met and was later introduced to madam Irene’s business. Eloise then met Adam, who was introduced to her as a Duke. Adam in reality was an investigator looking into the theft of a client’s personal effects at Madame Irene’s establishment. The story weaved it’s way into a suspenseful adventure and a would be murderer tracking them. All’s well that ends well, as they discovered love and potential happiness.

A baby left by a devastated widow, a silver thimble a token she leaves to identify her should she reclaim her
Eloise Smith had been raised at the foundling hospital and when she left she began working as a apprentice to a drapers it is a good job however the money is barely enough to put food on the table never mind a roof over her head.

She also works at the Velvet Glove for Madam Irene who runs a clean house where high class men that have particular darker tastes, she ensures her girls are kept safe and that they are never hurt beyond agreed spankings and canings etc…

Eloise begins working at the Velvet Glove. She finds herself living more comfortably than ever before, unfortunately she has a bad habit of taking tokens from her few clients especially the ones she likes, unfortunately however this habit lands her in serious hot water….

Then one day she has a new client by the name of Adam Dacre who is wants to take her off the premises to his country lodge and then the truth comes out of why he is so interested in her ……. Her bad habit of acquiring trinkets has landed her in trouble, more than she could have ever dreamed……….
I enjoyed the book and look forward to reading any future publications; keep up all the great writing.


What a very sexy romance? Or really, was it Adam trying to save Eloise from some prison time? He’s targeted her, but why? Eloise is trying to make ends meet, and an additional way is presented to her at a gentleman’s club. But, her little problem may just get her into a heap of trouble! Will a spanking, or two or three make her stop? I can’t tell you, you’ll have to read this book to find out!


These authors never let me down. I don’t often read historical romance, but I knew they would do it well, and they did. I am exhausted today from staying up half the night to finish it, but it was totally worth it. I love the thimble/token connection thru the story. I love how the hero couldn’t help himself with her. I really enjoyed seeing the psychology behind her need to steal revealed as the story developed. So well done!


A wonderful historical romance with twists and turns that keep you hoping for a happy conclusion even when you fear the worst. The authors draw you into another time and place with such realism that the sights and smells come alive, and you become emotionally invested in the outcome. I loved how the authors took all of the scattered pieces and brought them together seamlessly, starting with the thimble. Beautifully written.


What an intriguing story. I really enjoyed reading. Finding a way to get ahead during difficult times thru being a gentleman’s plaything is nothing new but her reactions and her reasons for stealing were. Not to say that I didn’t enjoy reading about the spankings because that was just plain hot but I was caught up as to the why. I was taken by surprise with the ending too.


Two talented authors come together to create an outstanding read. A naughty heroine is taken in hand by a Duke who is ready to make her see the error of her ways. This is a steamy, spanking romance and I would recommend it. 


this is a fun Victorian historical with teeth. this duke is not simply going to “dance attendance” on a society girl and wait for the right time to hold her hand. no this is a man who takes what he wants has power and knows it. I really enjoyed this steamy spicy historical romance


This is my first read by these two authors and I wasn’t disappointed. I enjoyed the story and the writing skill. I’ll be reading more from these two in the future.


As always, this story is well written with a developed plot and interesting characters. The love that develops between Eloise and Adam took away the “sting” of the numerous spankings (not my favourite part of the story) but it was the strength and determination that Eloise displayed as well as the very happy and unexpected ending that made this book a four star read.