The Highlander’s Mate

Spanking romance with a paranormal twist set in the Highlands of Scotland.

thehighlandersmateWhen Claire Armitage’s fiancé, Captain Felix Hughes, informs her that he must interrupt their courtship to travel to his estate in Scotland on urgent business, she is distraught. Refusing to wait patiently for his return as he instructed, she instead journeys to the highlands on her own to join him, but upon her arrival she quickly discovers that he will not tolerate such reckless behaviour.

Resolved to demonstrate to his future bride that disobedience will have consequences, Felix takes Claire over his knee for a thorough spanking on her bare bottom. But chastising her in such a fashion awakens desires in him that are too powerful to control, and to protect her innocence he attempts to send her back home to England until he can make her his wife.

Claire cannot be dissuaded from returning once more to Felix’s side, however, even if it means submitting to any punishment he sees fit and then surrendering completely to his lustful dominance. But when she learns the true reason for his visit to the ancient home of his family, and sees with her own eyes that Felix is much more than an ordinary laird, will Claire still yearn for him to claim her?

Publisher’s Note: The Highlander’s Mate is a stand-alone sequel to His Lordship’s Mate. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Oh my goodness! This book was so erotic and hot I had to sit under a fan to read it. This marvelous tale had a well written storyline with many unexpected twists and turns as well as surprising secrets. The sex was explicit and written tastefully. There were elements of BDSM, anal play, spanking and paranormal situations. Some characters from an earlier book returned and all the characters feelings and emotions were delved into. There was some witty dialogue and I throughly enjoyed this delightful book.


I’ll not be going into the book synopsis in this review, as this is available in the book description.

I’ve not read the other book in this series (or this author previously) and experienced no issues or pieces of confusion. It truly is a stand alone title, with enough details of secondary characters to peak my interest on the other books, but not enough to frustrate or to take away from my enjoyment. I will be looking into this series further and this author’s catalog.

I found the H and h to be well rounded, relatable characters and the storyline to be compelling with the actions and driving “instinct” of the H very interesting. I’ve read many shifter titles (not all), and I found this character detail to be very unique. The heat level was perfect for the story -and for me.

The authors’ writing was polished, the story well thought out and plotted and with top notch editing, making for a great reading experience. I very much recommend this title.


Claire Armitage ignores her fiancée orders and follows him to Scotland.
She is impatient and does not want to wait until Christmas for him to return so they can marry.
She felt abandoned and lonely.
What she does not know is that Felix is a shape shifter who brings life back to widows.
Felix punishes Claire and sends her home.Claire again ignores felix ,she hears him calling her on the wind.She risks his anger to go to him.
I love paranormal stories and this is no different.
It has great sex scenes.The punishments where well deserved.


He has a huge secret and she loves him. He is a shifter and she doesn’t know but the chemistry and the connection between them is great. I loved this book he disciplines her in a way that is hot and off charts


Felix is a deer shifter. During the rut certain urges overtake him, so he always heads to his family’s castle in the Scottish Highlands for the rut. There awaits him a long line of widows willing to help him with those urges. This year is different though, he has promised himself to Claire and somehow pleasing all the local widows has lost its appeal. Claire doesn’t think she can survive for months without Felix, so she takes off after him. Once she reaches the Highlands she realizes there is a lot about Felix that she doesn’t know.

Overall I enjoyed this story. This is my first deer shifter book, and although the shifter side of the story is pretty minimal, it still added a lot to the romance building. Felix was a likeable male MC, and although Claire had a few questionable moments, she was still a likeable character. This is the first book I have read in the series, but I was still able to keep up with the plot and all the characters.


I loved book one and enjoyed this one as well! I love shifter books, but I have to say this was a first for me! A deer shifter, who knew?! Well written, kept me turning the pages and enjoying every minute of it!


Claire and Felix are an interesting couple and what I loved about them were that both characters were really well developed. The shifter aspect in this book is unique in those that I have read in that Felix is a deer shifter. The story of his background provides an interesting backdrop for their relationship as does the supporting characters. Truthfully though the stars of the book are Claire and Felix and their relationship. Claire doesn’t always make wise choices and honestly Felix is not fabulous at communication so their journey is a bit rocky but always well written and engaging.