Theirs to Share

The Hezara have kept Earth safe for generations, but their protection comes at a price, and when Shayla Tesser is gifted to a pair of battle-hardened warriors she knows what to expect. She will be trained to serve them, and her virgin body will be used and enjoyed in every way imaginable.

She will learn to be obedient, surrendering completely to even their most shameful demands, or she will be punished. But the pain of being spanked until she is sore and sobbing is nothing compared to the intense, desperate pleasure she will endure when the Hunger comes upon her mates and one savage, screaming climax after another is wrung from her sore, thoroughly spent body as she is taken roughly by them both, over and over again, until their lust is finally sated.

With each passing day Shayla finds herself delighting more and more in pleasing her masters, but she is no meek, helpless concubine. There are secrets being kept from the people of Earth, and she plans to uncover them, no matter the risk. But when she learns something that could upend Hezara society completely, will she end up losing everything she has grown to love?


Publisher’s Note: Theirs to Share includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.



“Exciting sexy romantic adventure with incredible characters who are strict but gentle! A gifted female who teach her twins what love is and starts a change in their lives and world for the better! Thanks for the wonderful read” ~ Goodreads

“I enjoyed reading this story. It’s interesting with a different take on the alien human mating. There are some spankings and hot spicy sexy scenes all interspaced with a well constructed storyline. All the characters are well done, very rounded.  I highly recommend it. This is an easy to read, entertaining story.” ~ Goodreads

“Erotic, alien loving that Jaye Peaches excels at…
Earth has been under attack and the world was now guarded by Hezaran forces that are all male, they have pledged their loyalty for female “Gifts” these are few and are awarded to those males deemed to have earned it via their prowess in battle.
Shayla had been chosen as a suitable gift for the Hezaran warriors, she accepts this knowing that she will undertake an enormous amount of training enabling her body to satisfy the demands of Hezaran warriors whilst they are in the throes of their “Hunger”, she also is aware that there will be multiple males “Nestors”as they are raised in nests.
When she arrives on the planet, she is aware of the culture and the subtle ways they differ from humans, she is also aware that for the majority of the warriors when they wish to sate the sexual needs and also their “Hunger” they have to use a female droid, this obviously is not as intimate or satisfying as a human female, which are highly prized and are extremely rare.
Also in the love she shows her two men Jago and Kriss she also is teaching them what it is to feel real pleasure, love, pain and even fear feelings a droid has never demonstrated, they are also beginning to feel feelings they have never experienced and as they learn to live and love together she also hopes that her life with them will last, it will all depend on their satisfaction and their productivity as they ensure the procreation of their race!!” ~ Amazon