To Keep You

TRUST ME Volume three – To Keep You

To Keep You is the third part of Trust Me series and available on Amazon

Gemma Lucas continues to explore her submission to Jason, knowing that his love means unceasingly shaping her life to fit into his world. Whether it is a birthday celebration or an adventure in a clandestine nightclub, Gemma’s need for Jason’s dominance remains steadfast.

But, trust and secrecy can easily unravel. Friends and family notice their unusual habits and lies can no longer be told. When faced with the truth, Gemma is taken to the brink of emotional turmoil and must deal with her own demons.

Jason and Gemma’s lives are so deeply intertwined will new revelations rip them apart? Their secret relationship is about to be put to the test.

Trust Me is a fictional account of two people’s journey together. Both are sexy and know what they want. Neither are novices. One takes control and the other yields. The dynamic can be intoxicating—and dangerous.



Lying in bed like nested spoons, he once again drew her tight to his naked chest.

“Jason, is my safety only about your need to control me or because you love me?” she asked the darkness.

He nuzzled her hair. “Babe, you know what the answer is to that question. There is no distinction, I love you and I love to dominate you. I love that you submit to me and please me. Everything is intertwined and interdependent for me. If you want reassurances, I never was like this with any other sub. Not this intense or passionate. I took care of them out of duty. With you, it is very different. I dread losing you.”

Gemma turned to face him. “You won’t stop loving me? I fear that the need to dominate me is what makes you love me. Without the domination, there would be no love for me. I love you unconditionally, even when you use me roughly like tonight. I never doubt my love for you. I don’t understand why given how easily I fall victim to others.”

“You over analyse everything and seek to resolve everything into simple explanations. Give up, babe. Remember being my submissive is to hand over your care to me. Be accepting and grateful. That is all I wish. Love will flourish forever if you continue to be as you are to me. Now sleep.”

Gemma’s eyes drooped. He was right. She had to accept the truth behind their relationship and not worry. Jason would always be her dominant and she, his submissive.