Trust Me: Beginnings

Whether you read this first, or afterwards, Beginnings is a companion to To Know You and is a sequence of short stories introducing Gemma and Jason.

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beginnings x600Before the beginning of a relationship, there is a point at which two people start a journey.
Before their paths collide, their fates are decided by those they meet along the way.
Jason, the new dominant, gains an audience at a kinky party.
Submissive Gemma craves discipline from a casual acquaintance.
A sequence of stories unfolds and as time passes, their destinies draw closer together.
One of them will choose a darker path and risk everything. But what looks like the bitter end, might just be the moment that starts a new beginning.
Trust Me: Beginnings contains elements of BDSM and partners the novel To Know You.





Jason – The New Dom

Judith poured the wine, knelt between his legs and bowed her head. Looking at his bare feet, she sniggered.

“What?” Garratt demanded, before sipping on the wine.

Judith peeped up and smirked. “Nothing, really. Just remembering something at the party I went to last night.”

“Lucky you,” Garratt said and snorted gruffly. “I get lumbered with a business do, you get to go to so called parties.”

“Party is stretching the imagination, I agree. Little bite size food things. Music. The usual people. Plus a fresh face. It was your feet which reminded me of him.”


Disciplining Gemma

The doorbell was the old-fashioned ding-dong type. She heard the chimes echo on the other side of the white front door. Stepping back, she waited. With a quick glance down, she examined her red high heels, the shiny sheen of her pull up stockings and the ebony leather skirt. Flicking her hair back, she grimaced at the skirt. It was ridiculously short and not one of her favourites. Standing on the bus, she’d yanked the hem down numerous times, trying to ensure her bottom wasn’t visible to prying eyes.


Jason’s New Sub

There were no glitter balls, roving lights, flashing dance floors or booming music accompanied by a rapping DJ. Neither were there twisting bodies squeezed into spaces, or shouting over the noise. No, the dimly lit club had breathing room, low voices and barely discernible music. Elegance came in the form of mahogany furnishings with rich red leather upholstery. The carpet was crimson too, the walls panelled or covered by green and red striped flock wallpaper. The bar had all the trappings of a traditional Gentlemen’s club.


Gemma Again

It was a matter of principle; he couldn’t abide mixing business with pleasure. However, rules always had exceptions. Jason smiled as a familiar profile popped up on his ringing mobile. Business calls came through on his desk phone, each one filtered by his personal assistant, whereas personal ones he screened himself.

The caller was courteous and wished for advice. She’d been his friend for nearly twelve years and took the prize accolade: his first submissive. She rarely troubled him with trivial matters and he provided his counsel, before they moved on to speak of mutual acquaintances, gradually expanding the network to less familiar names.