Z is for Zoo! #SpankAtoZ

Hello and welcome to my friend Ashe Barker, who has kindly found a Z for me. This post wraps up the fantastic A-Z Spanking Challenge. I hope you’re enjoyed it as much as me.   A motorist driving along the A590 in Cumbria, northern England, the main road from Kendal to Barrow-in Furness, might be forgiven for doing a double take if they were to glance at the hillside to … Read more…

It's all in the past #SpankAtoZ

Welcome to H in the A-Z Spanking Challenge. The trouble with history is it’s vast. Eras are supposed to split up history into manageable chunks, but as a writer, they often seem either too restrictive or too expansive. I’ve written a few historical novels. Alice and the Colonel (currently available for free with Stormy Night’s newsletter) is a Regency romance and tells of a young woman’s sexual awakening. The Regency … Read more…

The perils of a make-over

I’m planned it, did my research and came up with what I thought would work best. From behind the safety of my desk, I cracked my knuckles and hit activate and behold, my new blog theme and darn, what were those greyed out images all about? It would seem Featured Images are a compulsory feature of Oxygen. Unfortunately, none of my posts had Featured Images and those that did were … Read more…

New look

Yes, I’ve tinkered with widgets, cajoled, beaten and re-sized images and now I think I’ve a blog theme I like and hopefully will be more versatile in the future.

I can post up popular posts as features on the front page.

The latest post is always on top but you can also view by month or category.

The post view is more dynamic and widens when in full format.

The menu is along the top and where you can find shortcuts to free stories and information about my books.


Book Release Party

Join us for fun and prizes!  Book Release Party for Coach’s Discipline by Katherine Deane Spanking Romance Reviews is now hosting Book Release Parties!  Join us Saturday, July 12th at noon EST on our Facebook page for the book launch party for Coach’s Discipline by Katherine Deane. Prizes include books by Cara Bristol, Maren Smith, Natasha Knight, Patricia Green, Casey McKay, Tara Finnegan, Etta Stark, Renee Rose and more! Coach’s … Read more…