Fairy Tales Retold

There is nothing like a little make believe to inspire some fun.  Inspiration can come from many sources and it has to be said fairy tales have the versatility to go a little further than their original tellings.

Fairy tale spankings stories with a different perspective…..

rapunzelRapunzel’s Hairbrush


The Glass Slipper and the Cane

belle and beastA Beastly Spanking

The Princess and the Bedprincess and pea 2

2 thoughts on “Fairy Tales Retold”

  1. I really liked these stories Jaye! I didn’t read the one about the cane, but the others were great. I really like that you made the bratty girls LIKE their spankings, at least after they were over.

    Just by the way, I am a great proofreader. I found a bunch of places where there were typos and missed words. Any chance of me being a proofreader for you?

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