Her First Punishment

Katrina has made a reckless decision – to spend the night with a man with a reputation, one that leads to danger. First, she has to prove she can take whatever he wants from her.


He moves a chair, one with an upright back and no arms, and positions it in the middle of the rug before the dead fireplace.

“You need to be taught a lesson,” he says.

I rock up onto my feet. “What?”

“Here and over my lap. I said I would punish you and you will be spanked.”

I laugh nervously. “That was a joke, right? Just talk. Hot sexy pickup lines. I get it—”

He grabs my elbow and pulls me toward him until his breath is right in my face. I look up at him and swallow hard. He looks fantastically masterful, all dark eyes and pursed lips, as if he’s contemplating wicked things in his head. Can I match those thoughts with ones of my own?

“You should never flirt with strange men in clubs, doll.”

“I didn’t!”

“Fuck you did. Fiddling with your skirt, showing your thighs, flirting with those gorgeous eyes.”

I nearly kick him in the shins. But I can’t. I’m being propelled headlong over his lap. Before I can assimilate which way up I am, he’s sitting and has me bent over his lap. Naturally, I kick out, and he responds with a firm grip around my waist. His cock is heavy and rising into my flat belly, a rocket that wants to explode, and yet, he’s holding off to spank me. Does the man have cold blood running through him?

I twist, trying hard to pivot around so my bottom is protected, and it’s futile. Leon has me pinned down with one of my arms stuck behind my back and his strong thigh over my legs. I hump my hips against his cock, hoping to distract him, and his reply is a mighty slap across my ass.

I howl. “Fuck, Leon, this isn’t fair!”

“I get to decide what we do, remember?”

Tears prick my eyes. “Not so hard, please. I thought this was meant to be fun?”

He squeezes an ass cheek firmly between his fingers. “For me it is, and that’s what matters.”

He smacks my left buttock with the weight of his rigid palm, and I cry out again. The burn is instant. I shriek, stupidly thinking it will stop him, but my outbursts spur him on, and he’s cracking my ass with one slap after another, back and forth. I can barely catch my breath.

I attempt another escape, and this also ends badly for me. My resistance hardens his resolve, and he smacks my upper thighs as well as my bottom. The soreness intensifies, toasting each taut globe into a hot furnace. I still am unable to do anything but absorb each smack and hope it’s the last.

My submission to this unjustified punishment is oddly satisfying. I give up fighting, and he lets go of my pinioned arm. I drop it and rest my palm on the floor. The weight of his leg eases, too, and I’m permitted to move. Abruptly, he parts my thighs, and slips a finger between them.

He slides along my slit and pokes my opening. “Mmm. Such a wet cunt.”

I groan, and for a second, I feel like I might come. It’s an odd desire in the midst of discomfort. The heat in my ass is growing, not diminishing, and the burn is spreading to all parts of my body. He’s ignited me with hot desire.

“Spread your legs,” he says sternly.

I obey and anchor my feet a good yard apart.

“Excellent. Head up and hold position. I don’t want any more fidgeting or movement, you’ll take your punishment.”

I jerk. “You’re not finished?”

“Doll, this is just the warmup. I want your ass crimson and burning for my cock.”

His cock stirs and jabs me in the stomach.

“It is already,” I remind him, looking over my shoulder.

Leon is glowing, like a warm fire. His cheeks are flushed and his eyes bright. But his lips are not smiling, nor is there any hint of gentleness in his expression. Why this should excite me, I don’t know. I feel utterly under his spell, and incapable of denying him anything. Pain suddenly seems necessary and a release. I’ve been tense all evening, and now I don’t actually care anymore that I’m naked with a stranger who has this power over me. I face forward and squeeze my eyes shut.

“Whatever,” I say with as much carelessness as possible. “Just get on with it.”

“Oh, doll, don’t ask for what you don’t know.”

I didn’t know a thing about spanking until this evening. After maybe two or three dozen more hard smacks, I do know. It’s bizarre. Pain blurs into something else, and I cease to notice the sting. What I feel is wonderfully floaty. The drum of his hand on my ass cheeks maintains a rhythm. I gasp each time, then dig my fingernails into the rug. Leon talks, and what he says is hotter than my ass.

“Girls who flirt get fucked hard.” He smacks across both cheeks.

I’m speechless. Words, protests, denials—they all fail me.

“You came into my club with a bad attitude, doll.”

I shake my head.

“Yes. You. Did.” He punctuates with smacks. “If you argue with me, your ass gets punished.”

I snap my knees together.

“No. Legs apart. Cunt visible, now, Katrina,” he commands, and I obey, dragging my toes along the threads of the carpet.

He’s taking an interest in other parts of my body. He runs his finger along my spine and into the furrow of my ass. I shiver, goosebumps rising in the wake of the trail, and I mutter a pathetic, “God, no, not there.”

His other hand reaches beneath my belly and cups a breast. Slowly, he kneads it with his palm. My eyes spring open and I nearly fall off his lap. The pinch of his finger and thumb on my nipple is sweet torture. I hold my breath as he draws my poor breast downward. At the same time, he spanks with his other hand.

“Good. Impressive, actually,” he murmurs. “I might fist your ass before the night is out.”

I whimper and turn to face him. My lips tremble, and I offer him my best look of pity.

He chuckles. “Maybe not. Unless you want me to. Do you want my fist in your asshole?”

I shake my head vigorously. “No… thank you… sir.”

“What about my cock?”

I feel it twitch beneath me, a solid pole, thick steel-like flesh, velvet lined and demanding. I could find pleasure in that somehow, I know I could, but he’s punishing me for being too keen.

“No, please, sir. I’m too small,” I whisper meekly.

“Not so flirty now, are you. I will claim it anyway. You will oblige me.”

I’m lowered onto my knees by him, and there I clutch my hot ass, breathing heavily, yearning for an ice-cold bath and a moment of privacy. I won’t get it, I know that. He stands over me for a few seconds, then removes the chair.

“When you’re ready, you may move back onto the bed with your legs apart ready for fucking. Do you understand why I punished you?” He taps my head.

“Yes. I led you on, and now you want me so much I have to do exactly what you ask or else you’ll punish me again.” I glance up, and Leon is smiling down at me.

“I think you get it, doll. We are really connecting, don’t you think?”


~ Reckless