His Lordship’s Mate – No Excuses

hislordshipsmate_600She’s about to leave her father, her home and everything to start a new life with a man she barely knows, but can’t resist.

Gething told her to pack and be ready at nine o’clock….


No sign of trunks or boxes, nor the kind of knick-knacks women kept about them. The hall lay bare of the trappings of travel. Gethin had not expected Ella to test his resolve so soon.


She descended the stairs at a sedate pace, kicking her skirts out as she searched out each step with her slippered feet. Her red locks of hair, untamed by pins or ribbons, bounced and billowed about her oval face. She’d rouged her lips with a gloss, or else her natural blush had given them a sheen. He tore his gaze away from her enchanting face. He was determined to focus on the missing luggage and her lack of readiness.

“Gethin, my lord. You are timely.” She hopped over the last step to greet him with a beaming smile and sparkling green eyes.

He drew a sharp breath through his teeth and addressed the matter he could not ignore. “Where is your baggage?”

“It will come nigh.” She waved her hand in circles, as if to chase his question away. “I wish to welcome you.” She curtsied low. However, her lack of concern at her tardiness heightened his displeasure. Her greeting would have been reciprocated with delight if she’d packed.

“Ella,” he planted his hands on his hips, “have you done as I ordered? Have you packed your clothes?”

She scuffed the heel of her shoe along the step behind her, lowered her head and shrugged, a blatant dismissive gesture. “Not as yet. I slept late. The servants are all out, papa stays overnight in town. The house is too quiet.”

“These are your excuses? What of my simple request to be ready?” He tipped her chin up and she rolled her eyes away, avoiding his sharp gaze. He sniffed her, a quick intake of air through his nostrils. The scent remained there. He had not been tricked, she was the right girl for him. Perhaps it had yet to blossom. The quicker he seeded her with his cum, the better. However, he had to wait a little longer.

She pouted. “I’m not sure why it is important to be ready at precisely nine o’clock. Is not time a transient thing? I can do so now, give me an hour or two.” She turned away and he grabbed her trailing arm.

“You disobeyed me and there are consequences.” Her careless remark about timekeeping, along with her ill-disciplined attitude, dashed any reprieve, not that he intended not to punish her, but he might have shown a degree of mercy. There would be none now. An apology or remorse was all that he wished her to show and she’d not thought to demonstrate an iota of regret.

Gethin had to establish his dominance from the outset before anything further happened between them that was irreversible in nature. Obedience must become the cornerstone of their marriage and Ella needed to have no doubts as to the punishments he would instigate if she failed to follow his orders.

He marched her into the study and she scampered along next to him. “Sir, what—”

“Shush,” he commanded. He examined the room and selected a chair. A low seat without armrests and well suited to his requirements. “You shall not trivialise my requests.”

“I … I did not,” she blurted, pulling her arm, but he grasped it tighter.

“Yes you did, and your refusal to admit it confirms that I must spank you long and hard.”

She gasped, then shrieked as he seated himself, dragged her down and over his knees.

“No, my lord, please. This is unfair.” She scrambled, kicking her feet, but lost her balance, tumbled forward over his lap and landed on her knees by the chair.

“It would be unfair if you’d done as I asked.” He needed to seize the opportunity and show her his preferences and desires, even those that humiliated her. He gathered up her skirts, bundled them into his fist and uncovered her bare legs, curvy thighs, and white-cheeked arse.

He growled at his first sight of the crease between her buttocks and thighs, the rounded lobes of her arse and the fragrant pussy lips that lay between them. A gorgeous arrangement of feminine delights, perfect in symmetry, and uncharted by man.

Ella continued to scream, paddle her feet, and squirm. However, she had not the strength to battle him. He weighted her down with one arm, enabling him to hold her dress across her back, and the other hand he raised and swung across her bottom, meeting her untainted skin with a firm smack.

The suddenness of the blow interrupted the screams, and induced a state of shock. Then as he clapped her arse again, she renewed her efforts to pierce his sensitive eardrums. If she continued with the racket, he’d have to gag her.

“Your caterwauling will not disturb me from this task, young lady.” He littered her behind with palm prints. “Now, desist with this futile resistance and accept your punishment with grace.”

“I would that you were over my knee, sir. Then I would have you know this pain you do inflict upon me.” She spat her words over her shoulder before hanging her head down. Her hair cascaded over her face and he lost sight of her bright eyes and the tears in them.

“Unlikely, since I am your master.” He launched another volley of slaps, keeping them low and about her creases.

Her arse reddened and the colouration of her lobes highlighted her pale crevice. How he wished she was ready to take him there. Eventually, after he’d spanked her continuously for several minutes, her resistance trickled out of her. No more wriggling, screams, or shrieks of indignation. She replaced them with sobs and snivels.

He halted and inspected her arse cheeks, each one hot and fired into a glow of crimson, like heated coals.

“Are you done, sir?” Ella whimpered.

He circled his palm over her buttocks, feeling the firmness that was blended with a delicious layer of flesh and he squeezed each side of her partition.

How long? How hard? She was untested territory and unblemished by any mark prior to his spanking her. He could cease and end her discomfort, including the tears that splashed her face, with kisses and cuddles. However, the effects of her first spanking needed to endure long past the hour and the day. He would ensure, once home, she had cause to remember this spanking. Blemishes he’d not permit; she must remain a porcelain beauty. Nevertheless, her essence, if it were to bind with his, had to endure more for him than this spanking.

“No, I’m not done.” With a heavy heart, he lifted his hand and walloped her bottom in the midst of her tenderest part.

Ella squealed.


~ His Lordship’s Mate