Hungry for her

Earth have to send women or else they face the Violence of the unseen Beasts. Shayla is taken from Earth and gifted to the Hezara, who in return protect Earth from the Beasts. Handed over to Kriss and Jago, half-brothers who share everything, she must satisfy their demanding hunger for erotic pleasures so that their species can survive.


“How may I serve you, Masters?” Shayla knelt at the men’s feet. The intimate inspection had caused a furious pounding of her heart against her breastbone. If only they knew how hard it had been to bend and part her legs, much harder than back at the academy where she had been surrounded by her fellow humans and people she trusted.

Jago was the dark-haired one with the broader shoulders and extra height. He had a brightness in his eyes and she felt his gaze pierce her as he spoke. Kriss was lighter in color and build and moved with athleticism and grace. He had an eager expression, an excitement she expected, but there was something else lurking, something that reminded her that the men of Hezara believed in discipline and unswerving obedience.

Jago kicked off his boots. “I shall enter first. Kriss will observe. You will demonstrate your ability to orgasm. It is our desire to see you come hard when we fuck you.”

She was used to masturbating and usually could orgasm with ease, but this promised to be different. She tried to crush her fears and focus on saying the right things. “Will I require permission to come, sir?”

“You will be punished if you don’t ask. However, Kriss and I are in agreement that you are to take pleasure, so don’t hold back. We are aware that some prefer their girl not to come, but we will reserve this for special occasions and more likely when we Hunger the most. Our Hunger is demanding, controlling, you will learn its nature soon.”

Jago pointed at the nearest chair, a rounded seat with a shallow back. “We will do it over this. Do you require to compose yourself prior to my penetration?”

She clasped her hands tight together. Everything was happening so quickly, almost ridiculously so. But, she could do this. This was exactly what she’d been trained to do—sex with an alien—over and over, until her body was exhausted and spent. However, now with the moment approaching, what would it feel like and how would her body would respond? What if she failed to come?

Her hesitation was noted. Jago leaned down and spoke into her ear. “Is this the first time with a man?”

She nodded. “We used… machines. Artificial phalluses attached to pistons,” she whispered, embarrassed by the description of the apparatus, the cold structure of metal and plastic that fucked her every day so that she was ready for this moment.

Kriss exclaimed, using a word she didn’t recognize. “She’s fresh,” he added. “A fresh woman!”

Jago, who seemed unsurprised by her lack of experience with a real person, hooked his arm under hers and helped her to her feet. “This needs to be special. A fresh human needs taking care of. You shall eat and prepare yourself. There is no rush, is there, Kriss?”

Kriss eased his pants up over his hips and shrugged. “Sure. Let’s make her welcome. She needs to know the rules too.” If he was disappointed with the delay, he didn’t show it.

She’d not expected the interruption, but she welcomed it. She needed something that she’d not anticipated from them—tenderness. If they wanted to, they could take her easily and whenever they wished. However, for some reason, she needed them to appreciate she wasn’t their usual sexdroid. She had genuine feelings.

From out of a sealed box, Jago selected a small package and unwrapped it. He offered her two small slabs of protein, no bigger than a small bar of candy, and a ball of something that resembled paste. The slabs were tasteless, but the ball was sweet and juicy, rather like fruit.

“That will give you energy,” he told her. The water fountain erupted into life when he drifted his hands over it and he filled a glass for her. She drank, soothing her paper dry mouth.

“Rules?” she asked.

“Yes,” Jago cocked his head at Kriss. “Kriss will be the enforcer and I will teach you how to behave and look after you. We like to keep things straightforward. Your training is unceasing. We wish for you to learn our habits and how we like to fuck. Kriss prefers to enter you from behind and I will front mount you. As for touching yourself, that is forbidden. You need permission. Your arousal will be controlled by us.”

Kriss relieved her of the empty glass, which seemed to have stuck to the palm of her hand as if glued in place. “As for this place, you may wash and bathe, exercise, and walk the path along the edge of the lake to the next habitat, but no further.”

“No further,” she repeated.

“There is nothing in our home that you cannot touch except for the oracle,” Jago said.

“The oracle?” The thing Alfraya had mentioned just before she left.

“It connects to the repository of knowledge.” He pointed to a globe mounted on a small table. It was no bigger than the span of her hand and had a metallic sheen to the surface. “When you touch it with your hands, you can interrogate it with your mind and it answers you.”

A telepathic computer? Was this where she would find the answers to her questions?

“If you touch it,” said Kriss, edging closer to her, “you’ll be punished by my hand. A hard spanking, one that will have you not forget.”

She swallowed a lump forming in her throat. It sounded exciting—her little mission—when in transit to Odesta, but now, faced with the reality, she wondered if she had the courage to find out what the Resistance needed to know. Kriss placed his hand on her hip. He had big hands. How hard would they sting if he spanked her? It would be brutal, surely, and humiliating. She didn’t know if she would obey them if they insisted on spanking her. Alfraya implied it was a rare event, something that had only happened to her once—she’d refused to speak about it.

Jago chuckled softly. “She’s still wet, Kriss.” He slid his hand between her thighs and up into her folds, stroking them with his fingertips. He held out his hand for Kriss to see. “See. Our cocks will lubricate her further.”

Shayla closed her eyes and swayed. How long must she wait? Would they do it now or hold off until she was so alight with neediness that she would beg them to take her? She wanted to know, feel it for herself, and experience the remarkable ability of the men of Hezara to stay rejuvenated through multiple orgasms. These men wouldn’t flag when they came, at least not until the day of the Hunger when they would spill their seed. For the time being, the only trickle that would come out of their cocks was the special pre-cum that would keep her lubricated.

“We should touch her,” Jago suggested to his nest brother. “Make her come a few times, then when she is relaxed and biddable, we will claim her.”

“Sounds good to me.” Kriss squeezed her waist. “Hey? Would you like that, little Shayla?”

She was small. So much smaller than them and weaker. There was nowhere to go even if she had changed her mind. If she fought them off, they would have the advantage. This really was it, no more delays, no more prevaricating. She had to open up and be that incredible woman, the one lauded by Earth’s media as a Love Angel, the nickname given to those chosen as Gifts. Except, this had nothing to do with love and she wasn’t an angel. In the back of her mind she was plotting less angelic things.

“Might I use the bathroom?” she asked, awash with adrenaline. She had to find a way to relax.

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