Nice – A Teasing Tale of Orgasm Control

Jason doesn’t like the word nice. He finds it mediocre, drab, a throw away remark….  his submissive Gemma has to be reminded there a better words she could use instead….

(Warning: sexually explicit)


He was going deep inside her and she revelled in the sensation of his fullness there, close to her apex. His hands to each side of her head and his face watching her face.

He could see her eyes were tightly shut, her breasts were full and swollen at the nipples. Her lips were lush and she licked them as if she could taste him. With the little movement she had available to her, she lifted her pelvis to meet his repeated penetrations.

“Oh my!” she murmured, “you’ve got to let me come, please don’t deny me.”

He paused deep inside her and she opened her eyes. She cursed to herself. His face was mischievous and his blue eyes were intense.

“What?” she gasped irritated that he had stopped.

Nice, babe,” he said with emphasis, “is this nice enough for you?”

“No, you’ve got to be kidding,” she grumbled. “It’s just a word, OK! I thought you were teasing me. In the kitchen.”

“Now I’m teasing you,” he pointed out. “My rewards are nice, that is what you said. I’m disappointed. I work hard to give you rewards and you tell all of our guests they are nice.”

“OK I chose the wrong word. Sorry. Now please finish this before I combust underneath you,” she pleaded.

“I want better words, babe.” Her eyes widened at that comment. “You’re going to provide me with thirty alternative words to nice. Do it in the next five minutes and I fuck you until you come. A nice fuck. Fail and well, let’s say you most definitely don’t get to come and maybe something else for me.” He laid down the rules.

“Thirty words. I’m not a bloody Roget!” she shrieked.

“You’re wasting seconds, babe. I wanted you to tell me them with respect. I’m not hearing much respect from you this evening,” his voice was sterner. A warning.

“Nice. Well. How about good, sir. Will that do for starters.”

“That’s a pathetic one. More,” he wriggled his hips, reminding her he was there inside waiting. No orgasm – she knew what that meant – zilch, nothing, left hanging.

“Pleasant. Fine,” she added quickly. “Ummm, enjoyable. Pleasing, satisfying,” she hesitated, her mind going blank and she bit on her lip.

“Keep going.” He said hovering inside her.



Likeable,” she spluttered the words out.

She could feel his hips gyrating against her. “Of fuck you, sir! I can’t think like this.”

“Of course you can, Miss T.S. Eliot fan.”



Brilliant, terrific,” she shut her eyes and thought only words.

Poetic words. Words that came to mind when she remembered all the sex that she had had with him.



                   Sensational…. How am I doing, sir?”

Christ! She racked her mind.





Mmmmmm….. Tremendous…..



“You’ve had that one.”

Typical that he could remember them all; she always underestimated his attention to detail.

“Incredible. Unbelievable….



“Two minutes left.”

The alarm clock was facing him she noted, not her.

“I can’t think of any more.”

“Try, babe. It suits me fine whichever way I fuck you,” he said with little sympathy and much humour.

“How many have I got to get?”

“Three.” Seconds ticked up on the clock.



“Twenty seconds!”

“Please. That is good enough surely, sir.” she begged.

“We’ve had good.”

She tried not to panic. “Hah! I know. Supercalifragiolixtic blah blah. How about that one?”

She opened her eyes and his face was impassive. “Oh please,” she said with a small sob.

His face broke out with a white teethed smile, “Oh, baby. You’re amazing, wonderful, fantastic or those words to me. You can have your orgasm. I’m going to untie you and we’re going to be sweet with each other. You’re released, my wife.”

She wrapped a sheet about her body. Her skin glistened with the warm afterglow of sex. “What something else? You said something for you?” She had to know if he would have carried out his threat.

“Kind of academic now isn’t it?” he replied snuggling up against her. “I had faith in your linguistic prowess, my love,” he nibbled on her shoulder. “If you must know, a spanking.”

“Oh,” she couldn’t hide the disappointment in her voice.


“How about a nice spanking then?” She grinned.

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