A fit of the giggles

spanked“Don’t giggle!” He slapped her bottom harder.
She yelped. “I can’t help it!”
“Yes you can. You asked for this.”
She sniggered and wriggled her hips. He held her tighter, drawing her over the centre of his lap.
“Remind me, Kath, why am I spanking you?”
“I… I… got a speeding ticket.”
He smacked her bare buttocks with the heel of his palm. “A fine,” he growled.
“Yes,” she acknowledged, her head lolling forward. “I didn’t think you’d spank me this hard.”
“Oh, didn’t you? You suggested this. Your exact words – the next time I’m stupid, get into trouble, you should spank me.” He added a few more smacks and she writhed about, shrieking. Then, she giggled again, whooping between breaths.
“What is it? Is this a joke?”
“No!” she gasped.
“I expected tears and snot… and contriteness.”
“I know,” she sniffed. “I am crying.”
“Because you’re laughing your head off.” He stopped spanking. “This isn’t working, Kath.”
She tensed, more so than when he was spanking her and she looked over her shoulder at him. There were tears, he hadn’t expected to see red eyes. Perhaps he had gone too far. She’d happily stripped off, let him take her over his knee. She seemed keen to be disciplined. So what had gone wrong. “Kath?” he asked tentatively.
“It’s nerves, that’s all. I can’t help it. I’m giggling because all this tension inside me is exploding to be released. This is working.”
He stared at her bare back, then at the red buttocks of her arse, down her curvy legs to the panties entwined about her ankles. She looked too sexy. He stroked her bottom, rubbing his palm in circles around each hot cheek.
“Okay,” he said. “But it’s damn unnerving. I’ll just keep spanking you until this tension is gone.”
Some minutes later when his palm stung and her cheeks felt fiery hot, she let out a long moan. She’d stopped giggling, wriggling, fighting him, fighting herself.
“I’m sorry,” she wailed softly.
“I know.” He scooped her up into his arms and kissed away her tears. “Now, you’re forgiven, let’s try this another way, shall we?”
“The sexy way.”
She smiled. “Sure, honey.”

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