Honey and the Master

She stands naked before three men with her hands clasped behind her back.

I’m the master, he tells her. These men will do my bidding and you will do all our bidding.

She nods and he glares. “Yes, Sir.” He glares harder. “Yes, my Master.”

I am your Master, remember. Them, you may call sir. He jerks his thumb towards the other two.

“I understand, my Master.”

He steps closer and points to the floor by his shiny shoes. She kneels, displaying her sex and bows her head.

There is no room for second guessing me. You will simply do as I say. If you deviate, you will be punished. I am a man who takes what is his and uses it. These others, they will give you comfort and tell you that you are beautiful, desirable and worthy of their cocks. I will give you no such tenderness.

“Yes, my Master.”

He walks around her and tugs on her long locks of hair, pulling her head back. She nearly topples backwards.

bound and presentedHe snorts, almost laughing. You like sex. I can see the eagerness in your eyes as you stare at the cocks opposite you. You mouth waters, your cunt oozes and your heart thumps. Yes?

“Yes, my Master.”

Be prepared then, because we will fuck you a lot. These servants of mine will do my bidding and when I command them to fuck you, their cocks dance at my command, not yours.

She winces as he drags her face down by her hair.

When you greet me, your arse will be high, your nose to the ground. Whatever you’re doing, you will stop and assume this position.

“Yes, my Master.” Her nose his squashed to the cold floor and she lifts her bottom up higher.

Each time you are used, you will come on my command and nobody else’s. He lets go of her hair and her head bounces up.

He crouches, adjust his trouser legs on the way down with a small tug and flicks a loose strand away from her eyes. I’m not without some compassion. You will sleep in my bed, be bathed and cleansed appropriately, fed, watered, allowed to exercise. There will be free time to read, to remember your friends, but you will only go where I give you permission. As for your chattering tongue, which do you recall, I told you would be silenced when you are mine, you will learnt to use it wisely.

“Yes, my Master.” Her lower lip trembled.

I picked you, not just because of your holes, but because I see a young woman who has within her disobedience, and a lax attitude to discipline and authority. You eyeball, answer back, laugh when no joke as been told.  My goal is to change that, to seek out a different person and make her pleasing to my eye.

She swallows hard, her nipples turning to hard stones and her pussy drips onto the floor beneath her.

Some do not like to punish. I have no issue with it. I see its true purpose is to re-shape you into what I desire. You consented, most ardently, to be punished, did you not?

She nods and her eyes widened, realising her mistake. “Yes, Master, my Master,” she babbles.

A grins creeps across his face and he rises. He strolls across the room towards a door, tapping his belt buckle as he moves. The slightest mistake and I will correct you. I believe the first punishment is crucial, it’s sets the tone, does it not, Curtis?

“Yes, sir,” snaps the younger of the two men. His cock, fully erect and his shoulders squared off.

So, she shall be brought into the room, laid out for me and I shall administer her punishment. Each lash of my whip will lick her bottom raw, the cane will criss-cross and the paddle turn her arse crimson. Once this is done, she will be treated to some relief. I have no interest in your soothing ways, Curtis, but ensure she does not come or enjoy it too much. Afterwards, while her arse still blazes, I will sink my cock into each of her holes until I’m satisfied. This may take some time as I’m in no hurry.

Curtis’s cock swells.

Then, and only then, may she come.

He wags at a finger at her. Let this be a lesson. If you want orgasms, you earn them.

He turns, just before leaving the room and speaks. Tomorrow, I shall spend some time relaxing and you will lay under my feet. When I have need, you will suck me and when I require entertainment, Curtis and Taylor will fuck you. In the evening, you will be punished.

Her mouth forms an ‘O’ and she raises her eyebrows, “For what?” she demands.

For that, my dear.


The door slams shut behind him. Curtis’s shoulders droop and he puffs out his lips. He and Taylor walk over to the trembling girl and help her to her feet. She shakes her legs, ridding them of their stiffness.

“Well?” asks Curtis. “Any regrets?”

“Regrets,” she sniggers. “I’m so horny, how could I regret this. It is so much better than I thought. I mean, does he always make you go hard like that?”

Taylor laughs. “That’s nothing. He’s not even spanked you yet. Seeing you arse go red will have all of us like rocks.”

She blanches, “What happens if I can’t take it?”

“Take it? Honey, you said you liked discipline?”

“Yeah,” she says slowly.

“Then, you’re going to love it. You’ll wished you’d signed up for more than a weekend.”

“I know,” she huffs. “It was all I could afford. This place is expensive.”

“Holiday of your dreams, like it says in the brochure. Come on, he’ll be waiting and regardless of your fantasies, this is reality. He is your master for the duration and there is no escape. You signed on the dotted line.”

They grip her arms and start to march her towards the door.

“Do you think he’d like it if I screamed for mercy?” She rises up on tiptoes, scurrying along between them.

“Honey, it would make a blind bit of difference. You’re getting the full works, but if it makes you feel the part, go ahead, weep and wail.”

Her shoulders tense and she drops her heels.

Curtis presses down on the handle. He pauses. “Do you want change your mind?”

She shakes her head. “Gracious, no. I’m about to live out my fantasy.”

Taylor sighs. “Phew. Because you’re one hot babe and we’re paying for this, too.”

“You are?” She snatches a breath.

“Honey. Everyone. This is his fantasy, too.” The door nudges open a fraction and she catches sight of the interior.

“Oh my…. ”


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