New Release from Jaye – Heir – A Dark Mafia Romance

If she gets into any trouble, Zayne will deal with it. In return, she’s his, and only his.




On this hellhole of a military base, there is only one person I want to be with day and night. Gabby is special, and because I need her, I’m staying low and keeping my identity hidden. But if it comes to it, if the others find out I’m the son of a syndicate boss, I’ll do everything to keep her safe. Nobody will dare touch her. If they do, they’ll regret it.


Stuck on this island, I’m just another bored army draftee waiting for my tour to finish. Then I meet Zayne in an underground bunker, and he takes my breath away with his passion and dominance. But danger follows him, and we have to keep our relationship secret, because Zayne has enemies, and one of them is an assassin.



With one hand, I unbutton my shirt and peel the sleeves down my arms. Then I drop my pants over my butt. I kick the discarded clothes to one side. She can see all of me now—the scars from knife fights, the bullet wound, the tattoos. I turn, so she can see the biggest one, the one on my back.

“The Rassi,” she whispers.

I circle back to face her. “No safeword. Only my word of honor. The word of the Rassi. I will not harm you.”

“Your note said punishments…”

I cock my head toward the chains. “Yes, I will punish. And I don’t care for pretense.”

“You like punishing?”

“I like the makeup sex.” She doesn’t need to know why that’s important to me. Not yet.

She purses her lips. “I don’t know, Zayne. You’re asking a lot of me.”

“Didn’t you just have a fucking amazing orgasm, Gabby? I felt it.”

She screws her eyes shut. “Yes, dammit.”

“Think of all the others I’m going to give you—starting with the one when I lick your cunt.”

She squirms. “This isn’t how I do things.”

I’ll bet it’s how Grande did it.

“You’re in the army now. Take a chance.”

“And that’s why I should trust you?”

I stand under one of the vents. The air spirals down, the moonlight bathing my head. My naked body is there for her to see, every inch of me laid bare.

“Gabrielle. Baby. You’re going to be mine, and only mine. And on this shithole of an island, I will keep watch over you. Nobody else will lay a finger on you. Only light duties. No hassles. Any problems, I deal with them. In return, whenever I want it, I get it. Dushku, while he’s still here, will make sure I have full access to you.”

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