New Release from Jaye – Heir – A Dark Mafia Romance

If she gets into any trouble, Zayne will deal with it. In return, she’s his, and only his.




On this hellhole of a military base, there is only one person I want to be with day and night. Gabby is special, and because I need her, I’m staying low and keeping my identity hidden. But if it comes to it, if the others find out I’m the son of a syndicate boss, I’ll do everything to keep her safe. Nobody will dare touch her. If they do, they’ll regret it.


Stuck on this island, I’m just another bored army draftee waiting for my tour to finish. Then I meet Zayne in an underground bunker, and he takes my breath away with his passion and dominance. But danger follows him, and we have to keep our relationship secret, because Zayne has enemies, and one of them is an assassin.



With one hand, I unbutton my shirt and peel the sleeves down my arms. Then I drop my pants over my butt. I kick the discarded clothes to one side. She can see all of me now—the scars from knife fights, the bullet wound, the tattoos. I turn, so she can see the biggest one, the one on my back.

“The Rassi,” she whispers.

I circle back to face her. “No safeword. Only my word of honor. The word of the Rassi. I will not harm you.”

“Your note said punishments…”

I cock my head toward the chains. “Yes, I will punish. And I don’t care for pretense.”

“You like punishing?”

“I like the makeup sex.” She doesn’t need to know why that’s important to me. Not yet.

She purses her lips. “I don’t know, Zayne. You’re asking a lot of me.”

“Didn’t you just have a fucking amazing orgasm, Gabby? I felt it.”

She screws her eyes shut. “Yes, dammit.”

“Think of all the others I’m going to give you—starting with the one when I lick your cunt.”

She squirms. “This isn’t how I do things.”

I’ll bet it’s how Grande did it.

“You’re in the army now. Take a chance.”

“And that’s why I should trust you?”

I stand under one of the vents. The air spirals down, the moonlight bathing my head. My naked body is there for her to see, every inch of me laid bare.

“Gabrielle. Baby. You’re going to be mine, and only mine. And on this shithole of an island, I will keep watch over you. Nobody else will lay a finger on you. Only light duties. No hassles. Any problems, I deal with them. In return, whenever I want it, I get it. Dushku, while he’s still here, will make sure I have full access to you.”

Guarding Gabby – what will happen to her if he fails?

It’s been a while since I’ve had a new book out, and my latest novel has been long in the making! Let me introduce to the key characters: Zayne and Gabby. They’re conscripts on a military base, an island fortress that once was a prison. They had duties, and they’re bored. It’s a perfect set up for a romance, especially as they’re underground tunnels and bunkers, dark places for dark … Read more…

The dark edge of dominance – #satspanks

Welcome to this week’s Saturday Spankings where you can read snippets from a set of great authors. These few sentences come from my current release – Captivated. David’s wife has changed. She’s not the woman he married and locked inside Henrietta’s body is Anna. Henrietta was never truly interested in submitting to his dominance. Anna is different. *** The dark edginess to his dominance had returned. Just a fraction of … Read more…

Pinned in place #Wipitup

to know you jaye peaches

My, what a week!  Sunshine here in the UK and plenty of warmth. That warmth might just get a bit hotter with my current release – To Know You. It’s not all spankings. There’s other things Jason wants to try out on his new sub. However, first they have to find out what works and what doesn’t. It’s a game of trust and experimentation, all played out in his dungeon. … Read more…

To Know You – re-release!

to know you jaye peaches

I had an itch and it needed scratching. As a writer, I’m constantly trying to improve my art and consequently, things I wrote years ago aren’t quite to the standard I would write now, or will write in the future. I’m still learning the craft. Most authors will say don’t look back, just keep moving forward. However, this itch grew and I decided to scratch it. The first book I ever … Read more…

Sublime Trust – #Freebook for limited time only!

I’ve released a box set and it’s my first foray into Kindle Unlimited. All three full length novels (each a complete story) of Sublime Trust are now packaged into one for Kindle.  To help celebrate the launch, you can download for free from today for 5 days, or borrow the set on Kindle Unlimited. There’s spankings, discipline, bondage, wax, ice, all kinds of sex, suspension (the rope kind) and suspense as … Read more…

#Satspanks – A spy in their midst

Welcome to Saturday Spankings.  I’m sharing a snippet from Indulge Me, my latest release. Saffron has stumbled upon a strange gathering and intrigued by what she sees, she is unable to tear herself away. Is it something she desires for herself? *** When the man with the cane raised it, Saffron looked away. The swish and thwack followed quickly, then the submissive’s replying shriek. “Another ten, then you can come again,” … Read more…

#TickleMePink – In Lily Harlem’s Expert Hands

Today I have fellow Brit Lily Harlem on my blog and she’s here with a billionaire and a hot excerpt. I’m quite partial to a billionaire… money being no object to satisfaction.   IN EXPERT HANDS BY LILY HARLEM Out now from Lily Harlem, a seriously hot new BDSM billionaire novel – IN EXPERT HANDS – available from Amazon Back cover information Imogen White has it all—a high-flying career, a … Read more…

#TickleMePick – In the Mood

I’ve tickled myself pink today. I’m putting together the ebook formats for Ruled by Him and I’ve picked out some excerpts for posting on websites. This is for All Romance.  If you head over there now, you might find the first book Judged by Him has dropped in price. Temporarily. So…. Gemma and Jason have had little time to do much play in a dungeon with all the trimmings. Naturally, they’re … Read more…

Dungeon Crawl – Captured

Welcome to Romancing the Kink’s Dungeon Crawl. Back again. Picking up from last week, this is the third and final part of a particular dungeon visitation. Part one and part two are here. **** A cold draft crossed the expanse of the dungeon striking her bare flesh and in response, her exposed rump bristled with goose bumps. He was back. The door clicked shut behind him, the bolt slid across with a … Read more…

Dungeon Crawl – over the spanking bench

I quite enjoyed my little impromptu visit to the dungeon, so much so I decided to see what happened next… So if you want to see the start, go back a week to here. Don’t forget to visit all the other great bloggers participating in this hop! ***** He took a leisurely sip of his coffee, making a satisfactory purring noise, which pleased her greatly. Placing the mug on the … Read more…

Dungeon Crawl – Nervous?

Welcome!  This weeks dungeon crawl I’ve not chosen a passage from either published or unpublished works, but simply written a brief original story….. *** The wooden stairs creaked.  Each step, one after the other, groaned. Her three inch heels hardly made a sound as she stepped cautiously down. A hand held the rail, ensuring her steady pace did not falter. Descending always made her nervous. There could be no more than twenty steps, … Read more…

Monday Morsel – Revealed

It would appear I left you all dangling on a cliff edge at the end of last week’s Dungeon Crawl – glowing from Trust Me to Keep You. So this week’s Monday Morsel, I bring you the next few paragraphs. To recap – Gemma and Jason are in their windowless dungeon, painted with Day-Glo paints, Gemma is waiting on the bed, when the lights go out. *** Where the fuck is Jason? … Read more…

Dungeon Crawl – Testing her Resolve

Third week of the most excellent Dungeon Crawl Hop.  If you want to read previous posts on this blog, click on the Dungeon Crawl link button below. Back in the dungeon with Gemma and her Dominant, Jason. Having been flogged, tied up and left in quite a state of ‘being away with the fairies’, Jason sets about testing Gemma’s resolve. Will she be able to do as he asks or … Read more…

Dungeon Crawl – His Lair

Exciting – a new blog hop brought to you by Romancing the Kink. Somewhere to dally on a Wednesday and hopefully I can share some excerpts from my BDSM series – Trust Me and the next trilogy, which is my current work in progress – Sublime Trust. Since this is a dungeon crawl, it would be seem appropriate to introduce the dungeon. Jason is wealthy – lucky man – and has … Read more…

Introducing the Dom

The third book – Trust Me to Keep You – continues the story of Jason and Gemma. In this volume, I shift the focus from time to time on to Jason.  So many BDSM books are told solely from the perspective of the submissive girlfriend / lover  and the Dominant is left in the dark. In this book I bring Jason out into the limelight a little more. He  still … Read more…

Setting the scene

It’s a book about BDSM and kink. So, is there a dungeon?  Well, you could search through my book and not find much mention of the word. Does that mean there isn’t one? I’m not revealing…. The majority of kinksters do not have a dungeon. They have a bedroom or perhaps a basement or an outhouse. There maybe a few pieces of specialist furniture purchased or built. But for most … Read more…