Taken as Payment – The Beach Hut

When the world is different, so are the games they play….


takenaspayment400x600Weeks later, Xane brought her back to the beach. Throughout their sunbathing and swimming, he had a mischievous expression on his face, one that she couldn’t quite interpret, and it might have made her a little boisterous and overly confident with her teasing. Following a playful swim in the sea, Xane pointed at a secluded cabin surrounded by palm trees. She wouldn’t have been surprised if beach huts in Chandros were suitably equipped and furnished, something she found both amusing and daunting. The opportunity for sex was never far away.

She’d been too sassy, he decided as he called her out of the water. “Then there is the lack of respect. You’re in big trouble, babe.”

“Big trouble?” She scampered after him, fully aware of what he’d scooped off the sand—seaweed. He’d warned her about the seaweed and the fact he held it cautiously unnerved her somewhat. “All I said was you must be enjoying my food because your stomach is getting a little flabby.”

He glanced over his shoulder and snorted. “And?”

Iona slowed, tiptoeing on the hot sand. “You’re lazy… I just meant you don’t run as much I do, that’s all.”

He walked back, hooking his hand around her arm. “Not forgetting?” He led her toward the door.

“It’s not my fault you’re an atrocious cook.”

“I don’t mind an honest appraisal, but tipping the contents of your plate into the rubbish bin when I’m not looking—”

“Okay, you caught me, but I promise that was the only time…” She chewed her lip. Usually she hid the worst bits under the table in her napkin. Her cookery lessons had not achieved much in the last few months, and though she’d progressed in many ways since he claimed her completely, now and again, she rolled her eyes and let her tongue loose on him. She couldn’t help being both a Minorem and a Chandran in nature; the combination added a layer of complication to her life.

Outside the wooden cabin, he halted. The brace of seaweed hung at his side and she eyed it suspiciously. “What exactly does that stuff do?”

“You’re going to find out. Now, no silliness. In you go.” He opened the door.

There was no bed—beach huts weren’t for sleeping. The furniture appeared rudimentary with a table and a couple of chairs. The raised bench with its long surface and splayed legs would be out of place if she didn’t appreciate the ways of the Chandran. What she hadn’t expected was the bizarre sling strung between three, not two posts. The mesh fabric was split halfway down the middle and tied to the three posts, creating a Y shape.

She poked part of it and it swung back and forth. “Not much good for a hammock. It’s ripped.”

Xane laughed. “It’s a sex sling.”

“Oh.” She backed away from it.

“Turn around. I’m taking this off.” He snapped at the bikini strap. He’d laid the seaweed on the table. Best place for it, she decided.

He treated her to a delicious kiss while he undid the bra. She snuggled into his bare chest, nipping his lower lip with her teeth. Below, he’d hardened and she lowered her hand to savor his erection, rubbing it through the fabric of his jammers.

“Iona,” he murmured into her mouth. “Hands behind your back.”

She frowned, but did as he asked. “You’re not punishing me for a little playful banter, are you?”

“No. This isn’t a punishment. It’s a reminder.” He slid his hands down her waist and hooked the elastic of her bikini bottoms. “A reminder that you’re mine and you agree to do whatever I wanted for the duration of our time together.” He skated the scrap of fabric over her hips.

Iona tingled all over. Whenever he went close to her bottom with his hands, she impulsively clenched her pussy and immediately seemed wet and needy. “The seaweed.” She shifted to look over her shoulder at the table. “What does it do?”

“Patience.” He grinned.

The bikini slipped down her legs and collected around her ankles. She was naked and it meant one thing—she slid down onto her knees.

“Good girl. Now, you’re going to come lie across this bench. It’s just wide enough for your lovely slender body and you can hold onto the legs for extra support.” He helped her up and directed her to lie on her stomach. She rested her face on one side and gripped the legs of the bench.

She adjusted her position a few times, restless and nervous. The cool plank of wood offered few comforts, but the edges were smooth and the surface polished.

“I’m going to put the seaweed between your delightful ass cheeks and you’re going to clench and hold the frond there.” He picked one thallus of purplish brown seaweed, using the tips of his fingers.

Iona’s heartbeats raced, pounding against the bench. “Please, can’t you spank me instead?” she pleaded.

“Hold your cheeks apart, please.” He stood over her and she couldn’t see the seaweed any more. She smelled salt and something else, not unpleasant, more like a fragrant spice. Shivers cascaded down her spine and she suspected Xane had something akin to a spanking in mind.

Her hands shook as she reached behind and slipped her fingers across her bottom. Finding her crevice, she spread her cheeks and held them apart.

Xane growled, “Wider. I want to see that little hole.”

“Sir, please. Why not—”

“This isn’t going to hurt, babe, at least not in a painful way.”

She complied, pinching her cheeks as she parted her globes, then held her breath. The cold seaweed slid down and came to rest between her buttocks. She flinched, conscious of its slippery blades.

“Let go,” he said.

Her cheeks trapped the thallus in place. She grasped the bench legs again and squeezed her eyes shut.

At first, she felt a peculiar twinge, almost prickly, then came the heat. The surface of her skin, especially around her anus, buzzed in gentle pulses.

“What’s it doing?” She wriggled her bottom from side to side. “It’s like peppers on the tongue.” That was what she’d smelled—peppers, or something like it.

Xane stroked her back from between her shoulder blades to the rise of her ass. “Wait. It will come.”

What will come? The spicy heat rippled up and down her ass, and below at the apex of her thighs, something else was happening—her clitoris felt extraordinary, engorged and super sensitive. The medicinal properties of the seaweed coursed through her blood, affecting every nerve ending connected to her sex.

She’d never known anything like it. In an instant, she went from trepidation and uncertainty to rampant lust. Her pussy pulsated, contracting as if she’d come, and her clit tingled with unbelievable intensity. Something on the surface of the seaweed had excited her into a feverish state of arousal.

Iona was close to being overwhelmed with emotions. “Please, sir, spank me. Just stop this and spank me!”

He guffawed. “Tut, such lack of faith in my judgement.” Xane leaned over and kissed her flushed face. “Why, babe, don’t you like it?”

“It’s too much.” She wanted to touch her clitoris, to feel his stiff cock between her thighs.

“Calm down. Control your breathing and relax.” He continued to soothe her with his sweeping caresses and scatter light kisses along her back.

Inhaling deeply, she clung to the bench and squeezed her thighs together. The intoxicating effect of the seaweed increased and she gasped. Xane had fetched another thallus, one with air bladders and he dusted it over her bottom, gently smacking it until the pockets stung. “See, I’m spanking you, aren’t I.”

She giggled for a few seconds, but the humor ended when she detected the heat spreading across the surface of her bottom. She jiggled and twisted her hips, unable to escape as he swiped the thallus across her ass. A spanking had the benefit of pauses between impact; this odd rise in temperature was perpetual. She hated to confess that she liked it, and more so, she had yielded to it with little fuss. That wasn’t her, surely, relishing her submission?

Xane ceased trailing the seaweed across her ass and seeking relief, she dropped her legs to either side of the bench. The buzzing sensation lifted. The seaweed’s effects diminished the moment she removed the pressure of her clenched buttocks.

“Iona, put your legs back together. I’m not finished. Do you want me to spank your bottom with my hand?”

She shot a glance at him. His silvery eyes twinkled in the dim arena of the beach hut. He had smile lines around his mouth. He wasn’t cross with her; that was obvious. He was taking delight in something else—being in charge and enjoying it.

No, she didn’t want his displeasure. Quite the contrary, this was exactly what she needed from him—his dominance. Slowly, she eased her legs back up.

“Better. Now, let’s see how much more we can squeeze out of this piece before it loses its potency.”

Her mouth gaped, and then she yelped as he pushed her buttocks together. The orgasm arrived spontaneously, and if Xane hadn’t held her, she would have fallen off the bench. The powerful contractions in her pussy were such that she leaked down her thighs. How was it possible? She smothered a shriek, unsure how to respond to her embarrassing outburst.

“Oh, oh,” she whimpered. Then the heat around her anus dissipated. As swiftly as it had started, the seaweed had lost its efficacy.

“Wow,” Xane remarked. “Impressive orgasm.” He removed the seaweed and slid his fingers along her anus. She quivered and moaned as he slipped his fingers inside her pussy. “So wet. Tight, too. Do you want me?”

“Yes,” she gasped. The amazing climax had alleviated the residual heat of the seaweed and left her in a placid place.

“On the swing?”

She sighed, and imagining herself resting on the sling, swinging on and off his cock. “Please.”

“Please what?” He worked his fingers in and out of her pussy.

The seaweed seemed to be working its magic still, because she was struggling with another orgasm. “Please, sir.” She lifted her head and smiled in his direction.


~ Taken as Payment