Understanding Kink

Do you identify with any of these? …..

Being spanked with a little light bondage or holding the flogger in your hand.

Being taken in hand or being in control.

Surrending your body and mind to find sensual pleasure or owning and possessing what you desire.

If you are disgusted by or uncomfortable with these concepts then perhaps you are not looking at the right website.

Does it intrigue you? It does many people, even if you do not want to try things out or live the life, perhaps you like to read about it. Maybe share your fantasies too.

kinkMy books are not a manual about how to do kink. Neither do the people described represent real dominants and submissives. As with all fiction, this is fantasy, stories to be narrated with complex, flawed characters and plots. Learning about BDSM, kink and the related lifestyles of ‘That Thing We Do’ (TTWD) is all out there on the internet if you want to look. There are also well-written non-fiction books to read.  Relying on images is not the best introduction to the dynamics. They can be beautiful, scary, erotic and passionate. Many are also staged or excessively crude.  The real world is less glamorous. Nevertheless, it is about self-discovery and many find themselves on a journey which starts in the realms of fantasy.

Find out more from these:

The Submissive Guide

Dominant Guide

Can I try BDSM?


BDSM for writers  by Charley Ferrer  (eBook) – good, clear and straightforward explanations.

SM 101 by Jay Wiseman – the fundamentals of playing safe.

The Ultimate Guide to Kink by Tristan Taormino – great contributions from a range of writers.

These are good for starters and there are many more….

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